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Official site of this Portuguese Gothic/doom metal band. Contains news, biography, tour dates, gallery, mp3s, reviews, merchandise and information.

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  • DOOM:VS - Official MySpace page which features tour dates, streaming doom metal music heavy metal and videos, pictures, blogs, band information, and doom metal downloads.
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  • Even Vast - Melodic doom metal with female vocals from Italy. Official site doom metal that contains news, biography, discography, gallery, and merchandise.
  • Forsaken - An established doom metal band from Malta. With heavy metal heavy metal biography, picture gallery, news, discography, reviews, and heavy metal links.
  • Aarni - The official site for this one man Finnish band. Site heavy metal contains news, information, mp3s, lyrics, gallery, reviews, interviews, and newsletter.
  • Mar de Grises - Official site. Funeral, death/doom from Chile. Information, merchandise doom metal and doom metal downloads.
  • Loveless, The - Official site for the Gothic metal band featuring bands and artists bands and artists ex-members of Saturnus. With news, sounds and links.
  • Hierophant - Extreme, haunting and brutal funeral doom band.
  • Fall of the Leafe - Official website. Atmospheric, melodic and metallic rock.
  • Dope Tribe Devils - A gloomy stoner-doom band from Finland. Official site that includes doom metal news, merchandise, mp3s, shows and links.
  • Deadlight - Niagara Falls, New York doom metal band. doom metal News, profile, show dates and links.
  • Antique - Official record label page featuring discography, lyrics, press heavy metal quotes, and MP3s.
  • Astral Sleep - Heavy and slow death/doom metal with elements of funeral doom. heavy metal This is the official site of this Finnish band and heavy metal contains history, information, reviews, discography and images.
  • Shape of Despair - Official website. Funeral doom from Finland. News, forum bands and artists and information.
  • Avrigus - Official site of this Australian band. Featuring news, reviews, interviews, heavy metal weblog and MP3s.
  • Evoken - Official MySpace profile. Information includes tour dates, songs, heavy metal videos, pictures, blogs, band information, and downloads.
  • Nadja - Canadian ambient, doom metal. Biography, discography, MP3s and lyrics.

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