Stanford University Collegiate Bands and Artists A Cappella

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  • Talisman - Coed group which performs "culturally substantive" music: African/African-American, stanford university Gaelic, stanford university Native American, Hebrew, and Indian.
  • Mixed Company (Stanford) - Coed group with an 80s and 90s repertoire. collegiate Extensive list of sound clips in RealAudio collegiate and .wav formats, and Quicktime and RealVideo clips. collegiate Not to be confused with the Yale collegiate group of the same name.
  • Counterpoint - All-female group with contemporary repertoire. Photos, no audio.
  • Harmonics - Coed group with pop and classic repertoire. Sound clips in MP3.
  • Mendicants - All-male group with diverse pop and classic repertoire. collegiate Sound bands and artists clips in RealAudio and AIFF formats.

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