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A group for Internet professionals who also happen to sing barbershop harmony. This group is open to any barbershopper interested in webmastering and all that geeky stuff that makes the Internet works.

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  • Barbershoppers2nite - The YahooGroups version of the AOL chat.
  • SPEBSQSA_YMIH - Barbershop Youth Outreach online discussion group. The purpose barbershop harmony of chats and forums this discussion group is to discuss topics barbershop harmony related to chats and forums the Young Men In Harmony (YMIH) barbershop harmony program established by chats and forums the Barbershop Harmony Society.
  • LOL-Presidents - A mailing list for all the Chapter Presidents in the Land O\' Lakes District (LOL) of SPEBSQSA.
  • SenecaLand - Announcement List for the Seneca Land District chapters of SPEBSQSA. barbershop harmony The purpose of this list is to provide a fast barbershop harmony and easy way to send Information to all members who barbershop harmony are online. It is not a discussion list and therefore barbershop harmony is low traffic.
  • SPEBSQSA-MAD - Email community of the Mid-Atlantic District of SPEBSQSA
  • virginians-announce - News and announcements about the Richmond chapter of SPEBSQSA, the international barbershop harmony society, and about their award-winning chorus, the Virginians.
  • The Perfect Gentlemen - Information on upcoming shows and events for The Perfect Gentlemen, a barbershop quartet.
  • Finale Users - Discussion list so that Finale users can share barbershop harmony information barbershop harmony and ideas or get help with problems. barbershop harmony Geared to barbershop harmony barbershop arrangements, but others are welcome barbershop harmony to join.
  • SA6Memb - Members of Sweet Adelines International Region 6 - barbershop harmony Receive barbershop harmony notices of interest to members of women\\'s barbershop harmony barbershop choruses barbershop harmony and quartets throughout the upper Midwest barbershop harmony USA and south barbershop harmony central Canada. (Non-members should subscribe barbershop harmony to the SA6Fans list barbershop harmony instead.)
  • A Cappella Music - A discussion forum with news and information related to Barbershop barbershop harmony harmony.
  • DaytonaBarbershop - Members-only email list for the combined use of barbershop harmony the barbershop harmony members of Daytona\\'s Barbershop groups - Surfside barbershop harmony Chorus (SPEBSQSA) barbershop harmony and Heart of Daytona Performing Chorus barbershop harmony (Sweet Adelines International).
  • LOL-Music-VPs - A mailing list for all the Chapter Music a cappella Vice barbershop harmony Presidents in the Land O\\' Lakes District a cappella (LOL) of barbershop harmony SPEBSQSA.
  • LOLnet - Discussion list for barbershop harmony singers of the Land O\' chats and forums Lakes District of SPEBSQSA.
  • Sound of the Rockies Fans - A news and announcements list for the fans a cappella of barbershop harmony the Sound of the Rockies barbershop chorus a cappella of Denver barbershop harmony Colorado.
  • Sweet Adeline Conventions - For all Sweet Adelines involved in running conventions. barbershop harmony This is a forum to compare notes, share barbershop harmony issues, bounce ideas off each other to make barbershop harmony Barbershop Conventions as successful as possible.
  • The Evernet - Discussion relating to the Evergreen district of the barbershop harmony barbershop barbershop harmony harmony society and regions 13, 24, and barbershop harmony 26 of barbershop harmony Sweet Adelines International. Topics range from barbershop harmony contests to gigs barbershop harmony to latest district happenings to barbershop harmony shows.
  • swd-barbershoptalk - This forum is provided as a place for those in the Southwestern District to discuss topics related to Barbershop Harmony.
  • SLD-CSLT - A compilation of Coaches for Barbershop and a chats and forums cappela singing groups.
  • sunshinenet - Barbershop Quartet Singing Discussion List for the Sunshine a cappella District of SPEBSQSA, Inc.
  • Sweet Adelines International - A discussion list for members and fans of Sweet Adelines International, an organization for women who sing four-part acappella music in the barbershop style.
  • BH-Singing - Berkshire-Hudson Singing is a clearinghouse for all who are interested a cappella in group singing in our geographic area of Upstate New a cappella York and adjacent New England. While choral music is the a cappella prime focus, all forms including barbershopare welcome.
  • SA6Fans - Fans of Sweet Adelines International Region 6 - barbershop harmony Receive chats and forums notices of performances by women\\'s barbershop choruses barbershop harmony and chats and forums quartets throughout the upper Midwest USA barbershop harmony and south central chats and forums Canada. (Members should subscribe to barbershop harmony the SA6Memb list instead.)
  • soc-fans - News for fans of the Sounds of Concord a cappella barbershop a cappella chorus.
  • choralireland - Choral Ireland is an informal information, discussion and a cappella upcoming chats and forums events publicity resource. It is aimed at a cappella enthusiasts throughout chats and forums Ireland of choral singing of all a cappella genres - from chats and forums opera to barbershop and oratorio a cappella to musicals.
  • cbqc - The MBNA America Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest discussion list. For chats and forums CBQC participants and enthusiasts.
  • The Harmonet - Place for discussions of barbershop singing and the activities of those groups which promote it.
  • QCABBSHOP - An open forum for sharing ideas and information barbershop harmony among a cappella barbershop harmony devotees in/around the Quad City barbershop harmony area. a cappella Includes members and friends of barbershop harmony SPEBSQSA, Sweet Adelines, a cappella Harmony,Inc and AHSOW.
  • Harmonet Email Archives - Search engine for the Harmonet email list.
  • NZbbshop - The place for discussions of Barbershop singing and the activities of those groups within New Zealand which promote it.
  • region8list - Email discussion list for SAI- Rock Mountain Region 8.
  • azquartets - A discussion list for Barbershop in Arizona
  • Barbershop Web Guild - A group for Internet professionals who also happen to sing barbershop harmony barbershop harmony. This group is open to any barbershopper interested barbershop harmony in webmastering and all that geeky stuff that makes the barbershop harmony Internet works.
  • HarmonetLite - A subset of the Harmonet discussion list without the flames, me toos and off topic posts.

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