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Originally a zine created by a few students of Slippery Rock University, PA, circulated throughout campus but now exclusively available online.

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See Also:
  • State of unBeing - A zine from the minds at Apocalypse Culture non-fiction Productions that covers everything from politics and religion non-fiction to literary trash.
  • - Narratives that represent, and create the college experience, from drunken, society and culture crazy tales of debauchery to sweet stories of collegiate romance.
  • WireTap Magazine - Independent information source by and for socially conscious youth.
  • Medianstrip - A website, containing words; collaborative design and writing.
  • AvivaLasVegas - A webzine that provides news, features, commentary, forums e-zines and links e-zines on current events and culture. A e-zines "virtual world to fun, e-zines decadence, style and sex".
  • Other Voices - Regularly publishes provocative essays, interviews, lecture transcriptions, hypermedia e-zines projects, translations and reviews in the arts and e-zines humanities.
  • xylostyle - A quarterly webzine of fashion, design, nutrition, sports, media and e-zines arts.
  • and my letters - i moje listy - Notes and essays in English, French and Polish e-zines about politics, non-fiction culture, society and life.
  • Creationflux - An on-line gallery exposing digital art.
  • Magellan's Log - A wide-ranging webzine with a maverick view of society and culture culture past, present, and future.
  • Sinequanon - A monthly Italian webzine featuring articles on travelling, literature, food and wine, cinema, performing arts and lifestyle.
  • digittante - Writing and art, published regularly.
  • Barbelith - Weblog-style columns provided by regular contributors.
  • Friction Magazine - Intelligent and insightful commentary, articles and research for non-fiction the independent society and culture minded reader.
  • CenterStage1 - Artist showcases in the genres of film, fashion, society and culture poetry, music, drama, and dance, plus an Internet society and culture soap opera.
  • The Patrin Web Journal - A webzine of Romani (Gypsy) culture, history, social issues, rights, e-zines and current events from around the world.
  • Salon - The online arts and culture magazine, with regular e-zines features on non-fiction or by various literary luminaries.
  • Whatever Magazine - A webzine of regular columns and features on non-fiction cultural issues.
  • Tweak - Stories, essays and interviews from "a group of society and culture writers and artists and geeks who believe the society and culture media is on shaky ground."
  • Notes in a Bottle - Analysis and commentary on the quirks and twists of contemporary life.
  • A Commonplace Book - A monthly webzine of humor, dreams, inspiration, essays, e-zines fiction, recipes, e-zines art and features.
  • The Liberator - A webzine dedicated to those seeking enlightenment which non-fiction includes arresting e-zines articles, hilarious humor, and provocative pictures.
  • spudWorks - Weekly articles ranging from self-important media rants to non-fiction pseudo-lit short non-fiction stories.
  • The Exquisite Corpse - "Caters to the craven complexes of overeducated esthetes non-fiction while also society and culture pleasing the autodidact lumpenproletariat."
  • pulp magazine - Magazine, zine culture and arts society writing.
  • The PostModern LitterBox - Originally a zine created by a few students of Slippery society and culture Rock University, PA, circulated throughout campus but now exclusively available society and culture online.
  • Bunnies On Strike - A webzine which shows articles, comics, drawings, and society and culture society and culture DIY tips.

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