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Original works of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Updated with new stories and-or links weekly. Comments and feedback are welcome.

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Editor's Picks:

Dueling Minds: An Experiment In Terror* - A collection of new horror and dark fantasy short stories written by different authors based on the same picture.

  • Lonesome Place - Stories and poems by Jacob Long.
  • The Nekonomicon - Gothic stories about the Children of Bastet and other neko genres souls as they discover life, love and the torments of genres the Nekonomicon.
  • Demon's Sorrow - Short stories and a preview of the novel genres "Demon\'s Sorrow" genres by Linda Fields.
  • Vicki Richman - \\'The Patrimony\\', mystery with grisly violence; and \\'The Restoration of horror Manion's Coffin Works', horror.
  • 7th Hell - Interactive Fantastic Writing - A site for authors of the genres horror, horror fantasy, and genres science fiction. Add-on stories you can horror continue, or start an genres all new story. Artwork horror welcome, too. Site in German genres and English.
  • The Krypt - Themes of horror, despair and death. Original fiction short stories by genres the web mistress.
  • Mr Shiver's Tales of the Abyss - Short stories, dark poems, and novel chapters for readers and writers. Open to submissions.
  • Poecraft - The only official website of POECRAFT. Your short stories doorway to the unknown.
  • The Cybrary - Small archive of predominantly horror based stories, however short stories all short stories genres are welcomed.
  • Creative Brother's Horror Page - Horror stories involving Belial, a black vampire, robotic horror in short stories the ghetto and interracial demon love.
  • Scorpio Tales - A collection of stories with a sting in horror the tail.
  • BlackPanther Pages - Featuring dark art, fan fiction, and other short genres stories.
  • ERIE-sistible - Features short stories, legends, fables, and other tales.
  • Dark Icon - Original Fiction - Original works of science fiction, fantasy horror and horror. Updated with new stories and-or links horror weekly. Comments and feedback are horror welcome.
  • A Night To Regret - Teenagers stumble upon a dead corpse in the woods, and their families and lives are ruined forever.
  • Cthulhu Mythos Original Short Fiction Website - Original horror fiction based on the Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The Passing - A short story with a twist of horror horror and the genres paranormal, by author Julie Remke. Links horror to biography, online store genres and poetry by the horror author.
  • Mikey's Basement - Original multimedia, horror poetry, and cyberpunk fiction by Mike M genres West.
  • Snobunyluv's page of dark stories and poetry - A collection of dark short stories and poetry.
  • Zzzptm - Stories evocative of the great HP Lovecraft. You horror can also sign on a list here to horror workshop your fiction.
  • Scarenet Stories - Contains original short stories and poems belonging to the horror genre. Submit your own stories/poetry.

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