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For the writers of online journals who are attending or are alumni of Eugene Lang College at the New School University.

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  • Spit, Glance, Upload - For journallers who don\\'t obsess over every little burbs detail; updating as quickly as possible.
  • Where The Journals Are - Putting journallers in their place, a geographical listing journals of online online writing journals.
  • Poly Journals - Nonmonogamous or polyamorous journal keepers.
  • Multiple Perspectives - The burb for diarists with dissociative identity disorder.
  • Rice Bowl Journals - A collection of online journals by Asians and those of Asian descent.
  • To Be - Burb for writers who are on the verge online writing of online writing saying "I do." Fiances and fiancees.
  • The Notable Quotable - Journals that include a "thought for the day" journals or famous journals quote with each entry.
  • Holiday - Linking journal entries that focus on holidays.
  • Epinionated - A burb for online journal writers who have also written at least one review or editorial for epinions.com.
  • Just A Little Queer - Journalers who are members of the GLBT community.
  • In The Garden - Journals devoted to gardening.
  • IsleTies - Online diaries and journals by people in, from, or with journals strong ties to Hawaii.
  • Non-Pussies - Journals by individuals who write with a text editor like journals Notepad without the features of a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Onymous: Bearing A Name - Online diarists and journallers who write under their journals real names.
  • Artists - Journal writers involved in fine and performing arts. For creative journals people with creative minds.
  • Visual Cues - Writers who create and post images on a regular basis burbs in their journals.
  • 'Scopes - Journalers sorted by sunsign.
  • The Journal Click - Journals that feature live webcams.
  • Water Dragons and Garden Weasels - Journals sorted by Chinese zodiac sign.
  • Family Tree - Online diaries that come in sets: husbands and wives, parents and kids, brothers and sisters.
  • Diary-L Contributors - Journallers who subscribe and post to the Diary-L journals discussion list.
  • San Francisco Bay Area Journals - Loosely connected group of people who live in online writing the journals San Francisco Bay Area, California, keep an online writing online journal journals and update at least once a online writing month.
  • Childless by Choice - Kid-free zone: for journallers who are comfortable online writing with online writing their decision not to have children.
  • Theatre Geeks - Collection of journallers who are passionate about theatre, burbs go see shows, and are often stage-door groupies.
  • Lang Journals - For the writers of online journals who are burbs attending or are alumni of Eugene Lang College burbs at the New School University.
  • Tell Me, Dammit - For those diarists who have a notify or mailing list.
  • Austin Stories - A portal for journal writers in Austin and online writing Central burbs Texas.
  • Fen Journals - Sci-Fi fan journalers.
  • Southern Thang - For journalers from south of the Mason-Dixon line.
  • Screen Scribes - Diarists at the movies; journals featuring film reviews.
  • Class by Itself - Journals sorted by college graduation date.
  • Atheist Journals - Journals by writers who are atheists.

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