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The journals of cast members as they struggle through life. Experience their diaries first hand by reading them, but also react, offer some advice, or comment on them in the forum.

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  • Unhelpful - Steam of unconsciousness rants and all the et online writing ceteras. online writing Irregularly scheduled madness.
  • - Slipping away - A collection of moments not forgotten, or better journals off forgotten. online writing Those times that seem to journals stay with you.
  • Inside Delirium - Ramblings from three minds on the edge of insanity.
  • Apocalypse of Love - The clash of two personalities, and the collaboration online writing of collaborations two friends. Austin musician Coz the Shroom online writing and Las collaborations Cruces performance artist/writer/director Spiral share hopes, online writing fears, and egos collaborations in this joint journal.
  • TripleOptix - Michael Chang and Lucas Ng, Asian Aussie Internet dudes with collaborations daily commentary and stuff.
  • Storyteller - A collaborative effort for people who enjoy writing. Each month a new collaborative idea will be offered.
  • The Labyrinth - Journal shared by several writers.
  • - A community for pop culture, political, social and online writing other online writing things by way of writing and reading.
  • Ye Olde Swinney - Collaborative and annotated online journal, which features writers from all journals over the world.
  • Flower and Willow Project - A collaborative project by a small group of online writing online journals journallers. Dedicated to discussing love and lust, online writing and their journals effects in these women's lives.
  • Panic attack sufferers - Live Journal site where those suffering from anxiety online writing disorders online writing can join and post.
  • Out There - Shake things up a little bit and share a little journals more creativity in journals.
  • Connected Recollections - A journal collaboration project for which a monthly online writing topic collaborations is chosen for participating journalers to write online writing about. Entries collaborations based on these topics should deal online writing with the connections collaborations of the journaler\'s current experience online writing to the past.
  • Something to Say - Collaboration project and webring with monthly topics, for journals women who collaborations keep online journals.
  • Holiday - Links to journal entries relating to or dealing with any online writing holiday.
  • The Unreal World Journals - The journals of cast members as they struggle through life. collaborations Experience their diaries first hand by reading them, but collaborations also react, offer some advice, or comment on them in collaborations the forum.
  • The Mandelbrot Set 1998 Winter Holidays Image Collab - Happy Holidays 1998 from the Mandelbrot Set.
  • The Ramblings of a Pair of Nuts - A duo shares their opinions on today\\'s society, etiquette, parties, collaborations sex, and other topics.
  • Sweet Girls - Journal shared between four teenage girls.

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