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A relatively small web journal site of a geek just looking for others to converse about technology and cool stuff. Includes a messaging system, camera, voting booth, and virtual postcards.

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  • Cora Chaos - The LiveJournal of a hell-cat turned housewife.
  • Confabulist, The - One San Franciscan\'s struggle with epicurean enigmas, and personal culinary condundrums.
  • Cheeba, Sonnie - I've Paid for Your Sins, Now Gimme My Change! - A site which "isn't about anything in particular."
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  • CheshireDave - Mastication is Normal - Short essays by a writer and designer in journals northern California personal who uses semicolons early and often.
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  • Cybil's Sanctuary - A place where she keeps her journal, pictures personal and some personal links to her favorite sites.
  • Chloe and The Great Big World Thing - About the many non-adventures of Chloe (a college student) as c she does pretty much nothing.
  • Cyber Journal - Bad Girl - The writer's miseries and experiences.
  • Coffee & Sunshine - One part Monica and one part Phoebe, one journals part goody two-shoes and one part dirty hippie, journals one part neat freak and one part slob, journals one part sarcasm and one part sweetness, one journals part intellectual and one part goofball.
  • Cheri's Static - Chaos, white noise and the static in my journals head. personal An on-line journal.
  • Chookah - Tales of a working mom in Salt Lake City.
  • Covey, Brian - Friction Free - A software developer hailing from Washington writes about c his dreams, career, and moods.
  • Cup of J0e - His life in electronic form.
  • Caro - Anything But - Invitation to the mind of Caro - law-student, personal Planned Parenthood volunteer, emigrant-to-be, idealist (says Keirsey), and personal sexpert in a 16,409 km long distance relationship.
  • C'mon Chicken - Personal writings.
  • Charming, But Single - A dateless journal of drinking.
  • Crazy Aunt Purl - True-life diary of a thirty-something, newly divorced, OCD-germaphobe knitter who personal has four cats. Because nothing is sexier than a divorced personal woman with four cats.
  • Carmen's Love Story - Journal of a woman dealing with some of c life's issues.
  • - Weblog-style journal and poetry site.
  • Cranky Mommy's Rant Site - Rants of a married, slightly neurotic woman.
  • The Church of Caroline - The ramblings and such. Occasional amusing content and personal heavy use personal of parentheses.
  • Cracked Cauldron Spillings - Follow the intrepid entrepreneurs as they stumble purposefully personal towards the c goal of opening a bakery while personal working as personal chefs.
  • Clear Like Mud - Life of a college student living on an journals Indian reservation.
  • Concrete Skyline - Living the unexamined life, personal reflections and comments.
  • Cacophony - The writer's life.
  • Cafe Au La Tao - Trying to find inner peace, and a good c cup of coffee.
  • Confessions of a 20-Somethin' Goddess - The life of a sarcastic twenty-something.
  • Chance, Mark - Required Field - Cobers family, politics, life, and fly fishing. Sometimes maddening, sometimes journals funny, sometimes boring, sometimes not.
  • Childress, Alice - Provides a journal from a twenty-something post college personal graduate. Contains photographs and personal information.
  • Caveat Browsor - Caveat Browsor is the online depository of Alex\\'s neuroses -- personal browser beware. No longer updated. Ran from 1996-1999.
  • Computer Jargon - A relatively small web journal site of a c geek just looking for others to converse about c technology and cool stuff. Includes a messaging system, c camera, voting booth, and virtual postcards.
  • Corwin, M.F. - Eudaemonia - A series of short, almost poetic entries, including personal many references journals to books being read by the personal author.
  • Crawford, Joe - ArtLung - Enigmatic narcissism and miscellany of a guy from c San Diego, c California.
  • Carthage - Her life in words.
  • Crawford, Zane - The Life of - A man writes about the present (whenever that happens to be), without the benefit of hindsight. An exploration of daily life as it comes.
  • Cholsey, Arthur - A Life - A man in his 50\\'s offers reflections of a husband, personal father, and air collector because "well, it's never too late."
  • Creature Bug - Life of a Oregon Mom, grad student, writer, journals and lover c of the English language.
  • Carrie Quite Contrary - Life of a Californian mother.
  • The Crimson Chamber - A 20-something American artist.
  • Clublife - Nightly nonsense endured by a bouncer at two journals of New York's most popular nightclubs.
  • C'est La Vie - Tales of a newly married, 22 year-old Costa c Rican, starting c college and about to have a c baby. Yikes.
  • A Child's 9mm Semi-Automatic - A young woman\\'s quest for religion, herself, and her place in this world. Poetry, thoughts, artwork, suicide letters.
  • Caleidoscopic - Journal of a girl as she grows and lives at personal college.
  • Continuez - Moi Deviner - Journal of a college girl/web designer/musician/artist.

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