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On online journal, updated in installments, of a fictional character or life or events. Specifically noted as being a fictional journal by the writer.

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  • Hypercubes - A fiction novel in journal format.
  • Chapters of My Life - Journal of an orphaned teenager.
  • The Ladies' Lounge - A women\\'s compilation of creative genius. Stories, poems, songs, photographs fictional and other works of art.
  • Vakant: Violet - Fictonal diary of indie Brit girl, Lolly, which starts near the end of her sixteenth year.
  • Redwine - My name is Flint Redwine. I was born on Frey.
  • My Dying Diary - A journal of the last days.
  • Sugizo's Live Journal - Part of the Live Journal jrock role-players. Sugizo\\'s (ex-Luna Sea personal lead guitarist) pretend journal.
  • Life's History - and I Feel Fine - An ill-regular column giving a hopefully humorous insight personal into life fictional and how to live it.
  • FictionBlogs - A list of fictional weblogs.
  • Monorail Spok's Live Journal - Spokker Jones has a dream - To someday fictional drive a Monorail. Follow his adventures here.

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