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One girl's effort to express herself through an online journal and bad poetry. Offering hopes, thoughts, dreams, and grievances. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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  • Rantings of an Unexploded Scotsman - Random thoughts and things better left unsaid. Short stories too.
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  • Reflection: A Journal - One girl\\'s effort to express herself through an journals online journal r and bad poetry. Offering hopes, thoughts, journals dreams, and grievances. (Not r necessarily in that order.)
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  • rawk/roll - the musings and ramblings of a vancouver indie r rocker. (Requires Flash 4)
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  • Rock and Roll Means Fuck - Rants, laments and assorted vitriol.
  • The Rambler - The online journal of a 20 year old personal with an r inability to stay on one topic personal and an insatiable hunger r for anything--as long as personal it's fun.
  • Rhopalocerienne's Rants - Trials and tribulations of an overworked codemonkey, with the occasional fanfic on the side.
  • Riverbend - Baghdad Burning - A young Iraqi woman writes about conditions in journals the country after the war.
  • Ruminations - Guy Stuff is an on line novel based on the author\\'s previous short story about a young man working in a coffee house.
  • Ryan - The Tao of Ryan - Musings from a twenty-something software developer, fledgling writer, r and online personal MUD game creator and maintainer from r Austin, Texas.
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  • Run With Scissors - Tales of foot massage, running, job hunting and occasionally the lovely Buffalo, New York.
  • The Royal Bedchamber - Tales of a man in Manhattan.
  • Reality Remixed - What better place than here. What better time journals than now.
  • Rissa - Plastic and Elastic - Music, art, indie culture, and other passions in r the life r of a college student stuck in r Oklahoma.
  • Rick Whittington - This is the personal web site of Rick r Whittington, eCommerce manager, son, husband and friend.
  • Rogue Tory - Political commentary, computer science, quizzes and other meanderings journals from a personal rogue Tory.
  • Ruthie's Top Secret Diary - A chronology of the life of a Chicago journals college student, observations, wit, and web travelogue.
  • Roxy's Ramblings - The online diary of a humanist, feminist, liberal, would-be opera singer and her life in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Rena's Writing Journal - Problems with the real world. Looking for my tribe.
  • Rebeka - A Day in the Life Of - Sometimes a very raw and emotional glimpse into journals the daily r life of a woman in her journals twenties. Poetry, pictures, and r realness.
  • Reaching and Reaching Into the Void - Journal from an unusually bipolar and slightly psychotic young woman.

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