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Online journals that tell it openly and honestly. The ring is currently closed to new submissions, but the list of current sites is available.

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  • On Display - For those who consciously choose to put themselves and their journals lives on display through their journalkeeping.
  • Overexposed - For journals with longevity. Without a specific cut-off date, though members should have begin writing online "sometime in the 1900s."
  • Memoir Journals - Online journals dealing with memory, childhood, and connections of the journalers' current experiences and their pasts.
  • Something to Say - A participatory webring for journals maintained by women. journals Membership online writing requires monthly participation in collaborations.
  • Fusion - Experimental journals that push the envelope by using web rings words, web rings photos, graphics, or artwork.
  • Filipina Woman - Webring for personal sites and journals created by Filipinas.
  • Smoke-Ring - Journals by smokers, ex-smokers and wannabe ex-smokers. Black online writing (-lung) online writing humor abounds.
  • Everyday Stories - For honest journals updated regularly.
  • WordGoddess - For women with journals that show their flair journals for writing online writing and HTML. Journals must be updated journals regularly. Membership is by online writing invitation.
  • Silent Scream - For those journallers who prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Spellage - For online writers who care about proper spelling journals in their online writing journals and blogs.
  • Bared - For journalers who aren\'t afraid to bare their souls.
  • The Journal Ring - For anyone with an online journal.
  • Just My Words Webring - Journalers who want to share their journey along journals their respective life paths.
  • Glass House Journals - Online journals that tell it openly and honestly. online writing The ring is currently closed to new online writing submissions, but the list of current sites is online writing available.
  • The Pillow Book : Asian Online Diaries - For journallers who live in Asia or are journals of Asian descent.
  • Atheist Journals - Listing atheist and a few agnostic journallers.
  • Poison Ivy: Journals That Sting - For online journals written by men and women online writing who online writing don\\'t pander to the timid and don\\'t online writing censor their online writing feelings.
  • Pregnancy Journal Web Ring - For pregnancy journals by parents-to-be, including birth stories.
  • T-Diaries - For transsexual and transgendered diarists.
  • Soap Opera Journals - For online writers who feel that their lives online writing are online writing straight from a soap opera.
  • Twenty Plus - Journals by people twenty years of age or journals older.
  • Often: Almost Daily Journal Entries - For online journals that update almost daily.
  • Smart and Lazy - A place for effective online journals where writing web rings reveals, rather than burdens.
  • JohnDoe Neighborhood - Journals hosted on the johndoe.org domain.
  • The Asian Journalist - For journallers of Asian ethnic descent anywhere in web rings the journals world.

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