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Kenn Fliegen has studied the female form for over forty years, twelve of those from prison. This compendium presents over eighteen of his latrotundae as well as email as fiction.

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  • Fragile Blue Stars - Poetry, short stories, and a weblog.
  • Freimund, Lincoln Daniel - An Imaginary Boy - Contains stories (long and short), poetry, and notes on the mixed genre nature of God and society.
  • Frey, Christopher - Poems N' Stuff - Poems and stories by Christopher Frey.
  • Font, Joel - Collection of short stories about the Cuban and Cuban-American experience.
  • Falderal, G G - Contains prose, photographs, and a blog.
  • Furogori's Little Library - A small collection of poems and short stories personal pages gathered personal pages from friends.
  • Francine, Christina - Writer of fiction, non-fiction, trivia, reviews and poetry.
  • Fliegen, Kenn - Kenn Fliegen has studied the female form for f over forty mixed genre years, twelve of those from prison. f This compendium presents over mixed genre eighteen of his latrotundae f as well as email as fiction.
  • Felkins, Madeline - Includes novellas, prose, various fictions, and descriptive mixed genre essays f from a musician\\'s point of view of mixed genre piracy of f all kinds.
  • Finding Farrah - A collection of poems and artworks done by personal pages a fellow netizen. Also includes a personal profile, personal pages personal pictures, a Christian journal, and free images personal pages for website enhancement.
  • Flood, Donna - Recipes, family history, poetry, art lessons, short stories and her f book on frugal living.
  • Foreman, George - Locked Doors and Windows - A mixture of prose and poetry, graphic and personal pages written stimulii, cutup techniques and free thought.
  • Sam Fleet's Home Page - Contains the personal profile a writer from England, previews of personal pages upcoming personal writings, and a discussion board.
  • Freeman, Kathy - A weekly rotating series of short stories and mixed genre articles f by the author.
  • Hilary McRee Flanery - Poetry, humorous stories, and a weblog from an Irish/American Mother of 10.
  • Fletcher, Kay - The Jenny Haniver - Fantasy memoir, writer\\'s on-line journal, e-book, and work mixed genre of hypertext fiction in progress plus publication listings mixed genre and links.
  • From Whispers of Angels - Short stories, slideshows and photography.
  • From Graceland - Features the humor columns of Joe Grace, sports mixed genre writer personal pages and columnist for the La Salle NewsTribune.
  • Fill My Head With Bubblebath - Poetry, short fiction, fine art, photography, and some thoughts on and about mental illness.

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