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The quest for love, understanding and fulfillment, and the many paths for approaching them are explored in poetry, fiction, a TV script and a newsletter found at this site.

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  • Grimwood, Jon Courtenay - Includes extracts from novels, interviews, reviews, science fiction articles, virtual mixed genre girlfriends and smart drugs.
  • Grace - The Pink Ego - A site of random thoughts and short bursts personal pages of mixed genre rambling words. Poetry, quotes, music, literature, and personal pages the like.
  • Gordon, Nicholas - Contains poems and stories.
  • Goldstein, Ken - Short stories, memoirs and articles about politics, entertainment, Elvis, and life.
  • Gianni, Kevin Matthew - Poems, music downloads, fiction story, and writing resources.
  • Gill, Brian H. - Brian's Attic - A collection of stories and articles.
  • Green, Paul - QBSaul Hypertexts - Features speculative fiction, audio drama, experimental poetry, and personal pages inter-media.
  • Gemma - The Bookshelf - Prose, poetry and essays.
  • Guruacharya, Anuj - Poems and stories.
  • Gregory, R G -Towards a Cathedral of Ohs - An autobioraphy and samples of work by this personal pages dramatist, playwright and poet.
  • Grund, Harvey - Reality ... What A Concept! - Short stories, verse, and poetry.
  • Gildzen, Alex - Introduction to the writer\\'s life and work, includes mixed genre poetry, personal pages prose and mail art.
  • Garcia, Carlos David - Scripts, articles and other writings. Writer\\'s resources, writing links, poetry links.
  • Gonzo Turtle - The quest for love, understanding and fulfillment, and g the many g paths for approaching them are explored g in poetry, fiction, a g TV script and a g newsletter found at this site.
  • Goddard, Philip - Novels, stories, and poetry, with the full works for download.
  • Gray, Justin - Big D Land - Plays, stories, and an essay that explore everything g from a horror story to buying a slurpee g at a 7-11.
  • Gone Away - Creative writing and short stories on contrasts in mixed genre culture between America, England and Africa by an mixed genre Englishman now living in Oklahoma.
  • Gibson, Dan - Stories and Poetry - A collection of short stories and poems.
  • Gabree, John - Collection of reviews and commentaries on politics, design personal pages and mixed genre planning, books, movies, periodicals, and music.
  • Gray Matter Sandwich - Movie reviews, an advice column, essays, art, science, satire, farce.

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