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Author of the highly unusual novel for teenagers, Mondays are Red, is a literacy expert who has written over 50 home learning workbooks.

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  • Martin, Michael - It's To Dying In Another's Arms, And Why I Had To Try It... - Poetry, papers, and other writings by Michael Martin.
  • Mome Raths - A collection of personal writing. Essays, lyrics, poems, narrative, fanfiction, m and articles.
  • Minh, Andrew - A collection of short movies and written work by the author.
  • Matthew Lubin's Homepage - Art, poetry, fiction, and essays.
  • Mistress Jasmiee - Black Earth Cat's Library - Stories, poetry and fan fiction.
  • McCardell, Tina-Lu - PixieGoRound - Site contains stories of romantic nature, plus poetry, m articles and personal pages photography.
  • Meow - Personal and opinionated writings, including poems, short stories, m and articles.
  • Menchgelof's Mind - Personal stories, poetry, and notebook entries.
  • MnyRose - Contains the fan fiction "Untold"featuring the girls from mixed genre t.A.T.u.
  • McGinnis, Leopold - Litblog featuring online writing, poetry, illustration and animations, personal pages catalog mixed genre of rejection letters, and other oddities.
  • Morgan, Nicola - Author of the highly unusual novel for teenagers, m Mondays are mixed genre Red, is a literacy expert who m has written over 50 mixed genre home learning workbooks.
  • The Midnight Hunter - Contains short stories, travelogues and photographs by the personal pages author.
  • Mavin, John - Mavinshome - Historical, horror, fantasy and science fiction stories and poetry.
  • Moth Man - Stories, fan fiction, and art.
  • MrCrow - Writing on current affairs, society, language, history, culture, science and philosophy; also poetry, humour, cartoons and reader feedback.
  • McKeen, Patrick - Poor Writer - Short stories, poems, and opinions by Patrick McKeen.
  • Matthew, Paul - This World - Contains poetry, philosophys, ideas, love, and lyrics.
  • The Magic Helix - A collection of stories, images and ideas exploring mixed genre the principal that you are what you believe.
  • Malachy's Web Stories - A site for short stories, artwork, poetry and m music.
  • McDuffie, James - Contains poetry and short stories.
  • Moonlit Raindrops - Original fiction, as well as RPG and anime mixed genre based fan fiction.
  • McLaren, George - Litter's Literary Pages - Assorted writing of LitterAli a.k.a. Scottish writer George McLaren. The mixed genre first two chapters of science fiction novel The Watchers, short mixed genre stories and poems.
  • - Includes several ongoing projects such as a collaborative m Sci-Fi novel and technology and concept ideas.
  • Monroe, Caleb - Contains previews, credits, the latest news and how mixed genre to m buy the author\'s works. Focus is on mixed genre comic books.
  • Mixbag of Musings - Tales of the author\\'s past adventures and my m current struggles; written in easy prose, short story m form.

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