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This site offers humor pieces, poetry both published and unpublished, photographs, and a brief biography of Professor Emeritus Robert Wicks.

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  • Wood, M. E. - Newsletters, poetry, articles, artwork, and links.
  • Wookie's White Book - Short Stories, poems and jokes, in Adobe format
  • Werts, Elaine - Samples of the author\\'s written series, as well w as samples of business and other articles.
  • Wassenburg, Jessica - Ipsissima Verba - Essays, commentary and poetry on religion, science, spirituality, and working w for a living.
  • The Writer's Block - A space for the authors' rants and ramblings.
  • Welcome To My World - Original stories, poems, and song lyrics.
  • Wong, Kenneth - Working with Words - Writing samples, story outlines, non fiction essays, and personal pages note w about the author.
  • Wicks, Robert - This site offers humor pieces, poetry both published and unpublished, photographs, and a brief biography of Professor Emeritus Robert Wicks.
  • Wright, Simon - Paperbackwrighter - Short stories, comic theatre sketches, and poetry written w by the w author.
  • Woodard, Lisa L. - Lisa's Little Corner of the Web - A personal collection of poetry and fiction.
  • West, Dale - The Humdrum Of Nothingness is a work of related prose pieces and narrative verse, with separate storylines but a common theme, flowed individually along each page to the end.
  • West, Katherine - Ohiozine - Informative non-fiction, short stories, and the poetry of the Ohio personal pages freelance author and poet.
  • The Whoredom - Selected writing and diversions, including an in-progress novel, mixed genre poetry, mixed genre pictures and procrastination.
  • Weir, Trevor - Weir's Wild Writings - Collection of writings including poems, stories, songs and mixed genre essays.
  • Witherow, Judith K. - Wailing With The Wolves - Features writings of a mixed blood Native American mixed genre author. Writings include poetry and essays about disability, mixed genre gender, sexual orientation, race and class.
  • Writings - A page including the works of author Jessica Carroll.
  • Witham, Jim - A collection of novels, short stories and essays by the Kentucky writer.
  • Woodward, Andrew - Woodward's Writings - Several personal writings.
  • Walsh, Michelle - Poisoned Punch Bowl - Poems, prose, essays and diary.
  • Wyxie's Pen - Poems, essays, and short stories.
  • World of Dreams - Fiction, non-fiction, some pictures.
  • Write for All - Humour, essays, music, and poetry.
  • Wishful Thinking - A collaborative collection of poetry, prose, narrative and wishful thinking. Accepts submissions.
  • Wordsmithery - Charlotte Brewster\\'s musings on writing, music, and the world in personal pages all of its flawed glory. Contains rants, samples of writings, personal pages and mp3s for download.
  • Ward, Bet - Mixed poetry, journals, stories of the paranormal, and personal art.
  • Whyte, Gerard - Contains poetry, stories, articles and rantings, as well as pictures, personal pages programs, games and websites by the author.

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