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A collection of dark poetry and short stories written by members of a small group of people from different countries.

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  • The Mind's Ass - For those who have loved and lost and dark and gothic dark and gothic wallow in a decrepid realm of pain and dark and gothic dark and gothic regret.
  • Night Secrets - Dark poetry web site with poems contributed by dark and gothic genres and subjects numerous authors.
  • In the Shadows - This site is for dark poets and for dark poetry. If you have interest in reading dark poetry then this is where you should go. The shadows are waiting...
  • Pit of the Harvester - Dark Poetry written submitted by numerous authors.
  • Julie Shiel - Author's official site - Site includes information on Gothic horror author and poetry poet Julie Shiel, including bibliography and breaking news poetry on where her writing can be read or poetry purchased. She writes about the darkly beautiful and poetry disturbing, covering subjects from mythology to insan
  • Screaming Silence - Original dark poetry by Sorrow Nightshade and other dark and gothic lost souls. Some of a very graphic dark and gothic nature.
  • Welcome to the Darker Half - Original poems of a dark, gloomy, vindictive nature. Also a poetry humorous story about a rough-neck monitor.
  • DarkPandora's Poems - Poems by DarkPandora. The site is updated whenever the author is inspired.
  • Deadly Desire - Poetry written about real life subjects. Written about dark themes.
  • Mang's Poetry - Mainly dark poetry arising from the entangled brain genres and subjects of the author.
  • The Lost Library - Dark and depressing poetry by Caitlin Carlson.
  • Hurtful Poems and Artwork - This website contains dark poems and drawings. Some poetry things are very disturbing. [not suitable for all poetry browsers]
  • The Dragon's Lair - A site containing poetry and images from the dark and gothic site creator. Also accepts submitted poetry for display.
  • Feed Your Ego - Dark, melancholy poems by Katie. "If you are poetry superficial and poetry oblivious to emotions, this site is poetry not for you."
  • BrokenShadow - Fantasy and modern genre, dark poetry and short stories by genres and subjects Matthew Siadak.
  • Azorath's Dark Realm - Offers poetry and essays written in a dark/Gothic dark and gothic poetry style.
  • A Little South of Hell - A collection of original poetry that speaks about genres and subjects the evils of life. Profanity.
  • House of Horror - A forum for dark poetry, and lyrics.
  • Shattered Dreams - Dark poetry, photography, and other artworks.
  • NightUnfolding's Poetry - NightUnfolding's poems of despair, depression and loss.
  • Fallen Angyls - Devoted to poetry and short stories exploring truth, pain, and sorrow. Links to other similar sites.
  • Lesser Devil Headquarters - The realm of twisted poetry and literature.
  • Mordreds dark gothic song lyrics - A walk through the strange dark writings and lyrics of dark and gothic my Mind.
  • Erica Martin's Elfwood Writings - Poetry and short stories of vampires and wiccan genres and subjects themes.
  • The Darkest Way Home - Poetry by Luci Fer. Usually dark, morbid dark and gothic and depressing.
  • Dark Thoughts - My poetry, quizzes and thoughts of daily keepings.
  • Dissipations - Writings darker than the night in a blind dark and gothic man's eye. Poems, quotations, comments and links.
  • Lyrics by Wiccanguy - A site containing dark, Gothic lyrics and poems.
  • GothicA - A new site for Gothic erotic fiction and dark and gothic poetry poetry. Submissions accepted.
  • Gothic Poetry of Demonrobber - A collection of Gothic poetry inspired by the dark and gothic genres and subjects various Gothic websites I have visited.
  • Living a Dream of Being Dead - Morbid poetry and stories.
  • Drear Oblivion - All things come to drear oblivion: dark poetry, both original and classic, as well as tales of horror, and essays on death, depression and self-injury.
  • The Poetry, Short Stories, Novellas and Novels of Daniel Reece - A collection of personal poems and assorted works.
  • The Witching Hour 13 - Dark poetry site with poems by Kay Irvin. Also awards, dark and gothic E-cards, add-a-link, polls, and shops.
  • Scroll of the Blessed Bard - Rav`N Wolfstorm\\'s writings and favourite poems. Mostly with genres and subjects genres and subjects humorous, morbid, animal or science fiction or fantasy genres and subjects genres and subjects themes.
  • Poems of Death and Dismay - Poems of death, dismay, and other things dark dark and gothic and bizarre.
  • Peering Into Darkness - Poetry of a different nature by Eric Ellison. genres and subjects Upfront and to the point. Other poets may genres and subjects submit poetry.
  • Forever Dark - Dark poetry, and other interesting information.
  • Raven's Rants - A collection of Gothic poetry and other Gothic works.
  • Craig's Gothic Writings - A place where those lost and forgotten can read of another\\'s pain equal to theirs. All loneliness to be forgotten, in a Gothic realm of pain and endlessness.
  • On The Chilly Side of Midnight - Yvonne\\'s site of poetry provides a Gothic outlook poetry on the external world. She also creates poetry a combination of Gothic music and graphics to poetry emphasize her work.
  • Perfection Through Silence - The description of horror, in expanded form...dark poetry, art, and dark and gothic reflective passages.
  • The Dark Realm - A collection of dark poetry and short stories genres and subjects poetry written by members of a small group of genres and subjects poetry people from different countries.
  • Goth.Poetry.(dot).com - User submitted poetry, prose, and images that focus on the darker aspects of life. Offers monthly contests.
  • Dark Visions - Web published poetry of a dark and Gothic dark and gothic nature.
  • Lu Cypher's Revenge - Intense dark poetry and short stories.
  • The Tragic Page - Gothic poetry by "tradgichik".
  • Irrational Ensanguine - A collection of poetry illustrating love, death and poetry despondency. By poetry Vaughan Watson.
  • The Rant and Rage Page - For people who just can't take it anymore.
  • Darkside Poems - Darker poetry, by and for teenagers.
  • Shatttered - Poetry written in sadness. (Requires Internet Explorer browser genres and subjects to view).
  • Dark Land - Dark Lands is a website displaying the dark and Gothic poetry poetry of AcidBathSadie.

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