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Modern, personal poems of inspiration, love, angels, sci-fi, mystery and soul searching. Also includes artwork, web links, and song lyrics.

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  • Poetry From The Heart - Poetry portraying love, romance, desired love, long distance affairs, cyber p love, dark poetry as well as some erotic poems. Sound p and images accompany the poems.
  • Welcome to the Poetry Cafe - Contains submitted literary work and links to various literary sites.
  • A Passage Through August - Illustrated poetry anthology presents philosophic views of our poetry "journey" through adulthood and maturity. Contains works poetry by selected contemporary and classical poets.
  • Poetry Haven - Submitted poetry by a variety of authors.
  • The Poets Club of Stuyvesant High School - A large collection of poems by various student online writing poets.
  • Poetry Place - A place for poets to show their work online writing and read others' poetry.
  • The Poetry Archive - Large collection of poems on various subjects such online writing as poetry life, love, death, and sports.
  • Puppets of Thought - A collection of dark themed poems.
  • Poetry - Personal collection by a few poets.
  • The Poet's Corner - Posts poet\\'s work for the world to view p and give feedback.
  • Poetry in Motion - Seasonal poetry with animations
  • The Pinevergreen Forest - Modern, personal poems of inspiration, love, angels, sci-fi, mystery and online writing soul searching. Also includes artwork, web links, and song lyrics.
  • Pirates Don't Wear Pink - Poetry for children and other free spirits.
  • Poetry Plaza - Selected poems by Japanese authors. Also available in online writing Japanese language.
  • Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church - Poetry by a variety of authors.
  • Poetry Pages - Poetry and haiku, forums, classifieds, free web pages p and email.
  • Poetry Challenge - For poets who wish to be challenged. Submit online writing or read poetry about the monthly chosen subject.
  • Poetry and Fiction - A collection of works from five poets.
  • Poetry: A Stroll Through - Read quotes, lyrics, and original poetry.
  • The Poets' Corner - Submit your original poems, prose and rhymes to poetry share online. Also try your hand at interactive poetry poetry: add a line to a poem in poetry progress and watch poetic license in action.
  • Poets Gathering - Poems from all walks of life from the poets that walked them.
  • The Poetry of DarkEyes - An anthology of poems on love and passion, music and poetry song.
  • Poet's Cove - Dedicated to publishing the poetry of artists from p around the poetry world. Submissions invited.
  • The Wired Song of J. Alfred Prufrock - Internet manifesto. Reinterpretation of T.S. Eliot - circa 1999.
  • The Poetry Haven - If you like to read or write poetry, this is the place for you. Submissions welcome.
  • Poetry Potpourri - A potpourri of poetry, jigsaw puzzles and postcards.
  • The Poetry Hut - Poetry and songs.

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