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A place to find poetry by greats such as T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, and Donald Justice. There is also an amateur writing section for reader-submitted poetry, essays, and short stories.

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  • When Minds Wander - Unpublished poets can request their own pages here. online writing poetry Also poems by the site owner, Terence online writing West.
  • Poetry Poem - Provides free multi-page poetry websites for those wishing showcases to publish their poetry. Poets have full control showcases to add, delete, and modify an unlimited number showcases of poems.
  • Poetry-Philes - Poetry about the emotions, by both famous and amateur authors. poetry Also has voice chat.
  • Simple Gray - Striving to build the most extensive collection of online writing amateur poetry poetry on the Internet. Submissions welcome. Offers online writing a mailing poetry list and poetry organized by topic online writing and form.
  • JY Entertainment - Original poems can be submitted by webform to be displayed poetry here.
  • Poems and Quotes - Presents poems classified by subject, including love, friendship, online writing life, showcases occasional poems, and funny and sad poems. online writing Users can showcases review and rate poems, as well online writing as submitting their showcases own.
  • - Expression in its many forms. The poetry section has been online writing built for people that would like to share their poetry online writing yet retain the ability to protect it from the world online writing and people that they don\\'t approve of. All services online writing are free and all people are welcome.
  • ilovepoetry - Users can read and submit poetry. Also has poetry poetry e-cards, feedback, contests, audio playback, and poetry poetry writing aids.
  • Poetry In Music - Community where writers in any genre can come to read the works of others, or contact the author of any work. Includes an anonymous section, and copyright information. Emphasizes lyrics.
  • Soul Factory - A community based site that showcases all poets, as well online writing as the site owner. They offer community-style feedback and help online writing with poems, as well as a place to kick back online writing and hang out.
  • Cadence Cafe - A place to find poetry by greats such as T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, and Donald Justice. There is also an amateur writing section for reader-submitted poetry, essays, and short stories.
  • Soulharvester - Offers original short stories and poems.
  • Chiff and Fipple Presents Tinwhistle Haiku - You can submit your own haiku and near-haiku poetry about tin showcases whistles.
  • Poem Online - Poets and critics can submit and discuss poems. Includes various poetry poetry-related communites, a showcased poet, a featured critic of the poetry month, and chat.
  • Unknown Poets - A site where poets can post their poetry.
  • International Young Poets Society - Provides a forum for young people to express poetry themselves to a global audience and to encourage poetry others to express themselves. Includes a number poetry of poetry competitions.
  • Ivory Elephant Productions - No longer updated. Contains the works of showcases eight poets.
  • Amplifier: Linking Poet and Audience - Strengthens the voices of experienced and aspiring poets poetry by providing them with free categorized poetry web poetry sites where they may post their poems. poetry Includes links to contests and writing sites. poetry Part of
  • Purple Dream - Writers\\' submissions are welcome, in English or Traditional poetry Chinese. poetry Prose also accepted.
  • - Users can submit their own poetry, and interact showcases with other poets by commenting on their work showcases or chatting.
  • Webstatic - Poetry and prose about love, life, truth and showcases passion.
  • Global Poetry - Aims at the empowerment of the culture of peace through poetry, and at providing a platform for poets around the world to express their art before the rest of the world. Poetry by famous and new poets, biographies, project news, and submission informatio
  • Poetry and Poets - Provides free sites for poets that want to showcases publish their online writing poetry on the web.
  • Poetry Galore - Showcases submitted original poems in multiple categories, as well as novels and short stories. Forum available for discussion.
  • Poetry Display - Fee based poetry submission website run by a literary agency. poetry Submissions and payment are by mail.
  • The Beehive - A place for poetry by women named Deborah (or any variation of the name). Has poetry, poets\\' biographies, and submission information. Submissions are by email.
  • PoetryAtHome - Poetry for the rest of us. A showcases small site online writing for reading and posting poetry.
  • Madpoetry of Terra - International poetry. Includes readings, slams, local poets, featured poem, and contests.
  • Spinning the Wheel of Dharma - An online venue wihtout a house style, they feature each poet they accept for an extended period. Poetry, submissions, links to related poetry and art sites.
  • Teen Poetry - The Student Center - Features a place for teenagers to submit poems. Includes forum showcases and chat.
  • Your Poems On-Line - An opportunity to have your poetry published on-line. poetry Also has links to Jo Witt\\'s other poetry websites and to anorexia nervosa support resources.
  • Poetry Pen - Provides free multi-page websites for poets. Poets poetry have full control to add, delete, and modify poetry their poetry, and can publish an unlimited number poetry of poems.
  • J.Mark Press - Accepts poems in a variety of different categories showcases to become online writing published or win prizes. Offers guidelines.
  • PJ's Poets of the World - Multiple international authors. Invites submissions.
  • Pale Forest - Non-profit site which posts poetry by members. Registration is showcases free. Includes poetry, tree photographs, introductions and technical pages, showcases and sign-up form.
  • Marvin Gardens - Collection of miscellaneous poetry.
  • Distracted Poets Club - Users may read and submit poetry, and obtain a web-based e-mail account.

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