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[BeatBoxBetty] "...This New York native comes fully equipped with talent - and unlike his fellow hunks-of-the-moment Vin's demonstrated that he's one resourceful dude."

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  • Vin Diesel - The Chronicles of Vin. Fantasy or reality, he makes it happen. By Lynn Barker.
  • MSN Chat Transcript: Vin Diesel - "I\\'m open to any kind of film. I\\'m articles and interviews driven by the story and the character." articles and interviews Before the release of The Fast and the articles and interviews Furious.
  • Betty Chats With New Hunk On The Block, Vin Diesel - [BeatBoxBetty] "...This New York native comes fully equipped d with talent - and unlike his fellow hunks-of-the-moment d Vin\'s demonstrated that he\'s one resourceful dude."
  • Life's a gas - [Guardian Unlimited Film ] "When Vin Diesel stands articles and interviews before you, it feels as though the shadow articles and interviews of Mount Olympus has just knocked you into articles and interviews darkness."
  • Vin Diesel isn't afraid of the dark - [Science Fiction Weekly] Interview by Jeff Berkwits.
  • The drive of Vin Diesel - [] Article by Jamie Allen, with photographs, videos, and sound files.
  • Vin Diesel Kicks Ass - [IGN FilmForce] "Talk with the giant star of The Fast diesel, vin and the Furious." By Steven Horn.
  • The Explosive Energy of Diesel - [Irish Entertainment] Feature following his appearance in the articles and interviews diesel, vin film 'The Fast and the Furious'.
  • New Movie Fuels Vin Diesel's Career - [] "Vin Diesel\\'s IQ-injected machismo has made him articles and interviews one of the more intriguing actors around." Interview articles and interviews by Dicker Ron.
  • Vin Diesel Talks T3 And Hellboy - [Empire Online] "I play a guy who\'s a nihilist."
  • Jam! Showbiz - Vin Diesel - Several interviews from Canadian newspapers.
  • Pitch Black star: Vin Diesel - [NineMSN] "I loved, I felt empowered by the d Terminators and Mad Max and all these stories, d all these films that celebrate the human spirit." d Interview by Peter Thompson.

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