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Groucho Marx was the pivot of the legendary Marx Brothers. Together with his brothers Harpo and Chico he defined the course of comedy in the twentieth century.

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  • Groucho Marx: The Writer - Excerpts from "The Groucho Letters"
  • GrouchoWorld.Com - Site created by Groucho impersonator Frank Ferrante and marx brothers Groucho\\'s son Arthur Marx. Includes biography and items marx brothers for sale.
  • The Smoking Gun: Groucho Marx's FBI File - 1953 summary memo on the comedian.
  • My Acid Trip with Groucho - Article "My Acid Trip with Groucho" which appeared in the groucho marx February, 1981 issue of High Times magazine. Written by Paul groucho marx Krassner.
  • The One, The Only, Groucho! - Part of the TV Party site, these pages m provide information about Groucho\\'s long running quiz show m "You Bet Your Life" and coverage of m Groucho\\'s later television appearances in the 1960\'s and m '70's. Includes media files.
  • Groucho Marx Is Here! - Site that is dedicated to the wit, wisdom marx brothers and life of Groucho Marx.
  • Groucho Marx Slept Here - Devoted to Groucho Marx.

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