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Workshops, essays, FAQ, links, and video and written instructions on a variety of tricks for one ball to more than four.

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  • Wikipedia: Pen Spinning - Encyclopedia resource on pen spinning, related disciplines, history, contact juggling tricks and variations
  • The Troposphere - Contains various pen spinning tutorials, documentation of freestyle contact juggling combos juggling and videos of pen spinning.
  • JK's Contact Juggling - How to, tricks, reviews, and links.
  • Pentrix - Pen spinning tricks with photos and videos, different circus techniques, notation, circus and links.
  • Shiftys Contact Juggling - Step by step instructions on all levels of contact juggling. With videos and FAQs
  • Meghan's Contact Juggling - Basic tricks, articles and contact juggling beginners lessons.
  • Larrys Pen Spinning - Large collection of pen and pencil spinning videos circus and routines.
  • Yahoo! Clubs: Contact Juggling - A message forum.
  • PencilNinja - A pen spinning web site by David Weis, contact juggling one of the contributors to "The Book of contact juggling Cool". Contains videos of continuous combinations and freestyle contact juggling spinning.
  • CJer Contact Juggling - Contact juggling magazine with video tutorial, individual tricks and software juggling for analyzing juggling patterns.
  • Wikipedia: Contact Juggling - Encyclopedia article describing contact juggling, history and links
  • PenstudioZ - Pen Spinning, a form of contact juggling that must persevere to succeed.
  • Silver Mans Contact Juggling - Photos, videos excercises, personal tutorial requests and documentation juggling on contact circus juggling.
  • ContactJugglingDotCom - Features tips, articles, and video tutorials, photos, FAQ, performace guides juggling galleries and related links.
  • The Uber Cool Pen Spinning Board - A forum for discussion, help and tutorials for juggling pen spinning.
  • Hantricks - Instructions with photographs for several pen and pencil contact juggling spinning, circus book-spinning and coin tricks. Also includes animated contact juggling gifs and circus short .avi videos.
  • Greg Maldonado - Photos, video and information about this contact juggler.
  • PSUjuggler - Videos and complex contact juggling trick instructions
  • AYA Theatrical Circus Company - Includes videos, photos and performance details. [requires flash]
  • Universal Pen Spinning Board - Discussions, tutorials and videos on pen spinning and circus pen tricks
  • Contact Juggling - Workshops, essays, FAQ, links, and video and written juggling instructions on circus a variety of tricks for one juggling ball to more than circus four.
  • Pencil Spinning - Pencil Spinning notes, videos, tutorials and courses
  • Superhandz - Pen spinning tips, and videos as well as juggling forum to discuss pen spinning.
  • The Ministry of Manipulation - Contact juggling and manipulation site with an active weblog and juggling videos. Home of several performers from the 'In Isolation' DVD.
  • Contach Juggling Workshop - Detailed contact juggling tutorials and workshops with videos contact juggling and contact juggling personal help.
  • Patri's Contact Juggling - Explanation of, how to, and links to related contact juggling pages.

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