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  • It's Just This Little Chromium Switch Here - Newsletter for Firesign Theatre fans, with archives and firesign theatre letters about the group.
  • Firezine - Official Magazine of the Firesign Theatre. Features interviews, firesign theatre reviews, and contributions by and from The Firesign firesign theatre Theatre, editor and cheap typist Frederick C. Wiebel, firesign theatre and the usual gang of bozos.
  • - The official home page features \\'Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death\\' and \\'Boom Dot Bust\\' comedy CDs from Rhino Records.
  • The Onion AV Club: Firesign Theatre - Interview with members about their comeback album, Give comedians Me Immortality firesign theatre Or Give Me Death.
  • 'House of Firesign Theatre - All about the theatre, reviews, online dictionary featuring music FST lexicon, music chat, and voting booth.
  • Firesign Sound Index - .AIFF files available for download.

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