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A non-profit international organization. Members practise the system of movement and dance notation originated by Rudolf Laban, known as Kinetography Laban or Labanotation.

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  • Motus Humanus - A professional organization dedicated to the study of dance technology human dance movement in the tradition of movement theorist dance technology Rudolf Laban.
  • Identity of Works of Art in Dance, The - Part of Julie Charlotte Van Camp\\'s dissertation on notation issues regarding dance technology notation and changes in a choreographer\'s notation work.
  • International Council of Kinetography Laban - Labanotation - A non-profit international organization. Members practise the system notation of movement dance technology and dance notation originated by Rudolf notation Laban, known as Kinetography dance technology Laban or Labanotation.
  • Benesh Institute, The - International center for Benesh Movement Notation. Includes information on courses, notation software and books.
  • Dance Notation Bureau Homepage - The DNB\\'s mission is to record dances in dance technology a way that will allow them to be dance technology performed. The DNB documents on paper using dance technology a symbol system called Labanotation.
  • Introduction to Labanotation - How the notation looks like and analyses movement.
  • Led and Linter: An X-Windows Editor/Interpreter for Labanotation - A simple computer editor for Labanotation - a dance technology human dance technology movement script widely taught and used around dance technology the world.
  • Dance Writing - "Sutton DanceWriting" publications, movement writing.
  • LabanWriter Project, The - A Laban notation editor for the Macintosh developed by the dance technology Ohio State Department of Dance.

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