Playford English Country Dancing Folk Dance

Coded figures, facsimiles and other data for all of the 1,053 known dances published in various editions of Playford. Also includes some background information.

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See Also:
  • Origins of the 'Playford Dances' - A collection of literary and musical references to Playford dances from before 1651. Also includes information about SCA dance events.
  • The Dancing Master - HTML transcription of the second edition of Playford (1653), with scans of the original music.
  • The English Dancing Master by John Playford 1651 - The complete text of the first edition. Includes links to playford some of the music.
  • The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium - Coded figures, facsimiles and other data for all of the english country dancing 1,053 known dances published in various editions of Playford. Also english country dancing includes some background information.
  • Dafydd's Collection of Playford's English Country Dances - Reconstructions of a selection of dances, mainly from english country dancing folk the first edition.
  • Nicolas Broadbridge - Caller, teacher, musician and researcher based in Scotland. Information about english country dancing dance groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, music groups, and books english country dancing and CDs for sale.
  • Merri Pryanksters - Information about rehearsals in California, plus descriptions of english country dancing the dances from the first edition of Playford, english country dancing with abbreviations expanded and spellings modernized.
  • The British Library: John Playford and The English Dancing Master - Virtual exhibition covering Playford\\'s publications and influence, illustrated folk with items from the Library's collection.
  • Newcastle English Country Dancers - California-based dancers and musicians performing historical English country english country dancing and Morris dances. Includes information about their performances, english country dancing and reconstructions of some dances.
  • New York Playford Ball - Information about balls from 1990 to 1999. Includes english country dancing folk a collection of dance sheets.
  • Estienne's Country Dance Book - Descriptions of steps, and reconstructions of selected dances.
  • The Strafford Ball - Annual Playford-style ball in Strafford, Vermont. Includes dance folk instructions for folk previous and upcoming balls.

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