Teachers Argentina Regional Tango

Information about these teachers events and tours, their curriculum, fotos and videos, and information about their classes in Buenos Aires.

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  • Roberto Herrera Tango - Curriculum and schedule for this tanguero. Information about regional his academy and shows.
  • Adrian y Alejandra - Presentations, curriculum and a video clip of these teachers teachers in Buenos Aires.
  • Mariana Gonzalo - Biography and contact information for this tango teacher regional in Buenos regional Aires.
  • Nicole Nau und Luis Pereyra - Information about these teachers and their lessons in argentina Buenos Aires.
  • Tango Berna - Regular classes with María Edith Bernatene in Buenos regional Aires and information about shows in which she regional participates worldwide.
  • Vanesa and Pablo Velez - Calendar and show information for these teachers in regional Buenos Aires
  • Tangopulsion - Classes with Martina Martinez y Claudio Ferreyra and argentina contact information teachers for their tango show in Buenos argentina Aires.
  • Los Ocampo - Workshops and shows with Omar Ocampo and Mónica teachers Romero.
  • Sergio and Alejandra - Information about these teachers from Buenos Aires and their tours argentina worldwide.
  • Gustavo Naviera and Giselle Anne - Information about these teachers events and tours, their argentina curriculum, fotos argentina and videos, and information about their argentina classes in Buenos Aires.
  • Anastasia and Nicolas - Shows and lessons with these teachers in the teachers city of Mar del Plata.
  • Eliana Sanchez and Enrique Lopez - Curriculum, calendar for classes abroad and regular classes regional with these argentina teachers in Buenos Aires.
  • Tango NYN - Personalized group lessons with Nahuel and Noelia in regional Buenos Aires.
  • Tango Grand - Silvio Grand\\'s profile and information about workshops with this regional teacher.
  • Luciano Mares - Information about his projects, biography, and a schedule regional of his teachers classes at home and abroad.
  • Paiva Tango - Information and schedule for Orlanda Paiva Jr. and regional Laura Tate.
  • Pablo Nievas and Valeria Zunino - Information about this tango couple, their shows and tours and argentina their classes in Buenos Aires.

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