Australia Regional Tango Dance

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  • Socialtango - A group running tango classes and events, focusing on lessons australia and social aspects of the dance, based in Melbourne.
  • Patio de Tango - Provides tango classes, milongas, shows and events in and around Sydney.
  • Dance Tango - Tango lessons with Federico and milonga information for regional Sydney.
  • FunkyTango - A modern approach to learning Argentine Tango (Tango tango Nuevo) by Klaus Petritsch and Ulla Paasonen. Based tango in Cairns, Queensland.
  • The Tango Salon - Provides practicas and classes in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Siempre Tango - Student focussed, not-for-profit tango school based in Adelaide.
  • Che Tango - Tango shows and classes with Fausto and Karina, australia based in Sydney.
  • Tango Salón Adelaide - Tango classes and practicas focusing on social dancing tango in Adelaide.
  • Tango Social Club of Canberra - A not-for-profit organization for all things tango, based australia in Canberra.
  • A Little Buenos Aires - A school offering tango lessons and milongas, based australia in Sydney.
  • Club de Tango - A tango school by Lisa De Lazzari and regional Peter Waller, australia based in Sydney.
  • Southern Cross Tango - Tango dance school and performance company based in tango Adelaide.
  • Alma de Tango - Argentine tango school run by Hugo Fernández, based tango in Queensland.
  • Northern Tango - Northern Tango is a community of tango dancers in Darwin, tango Northern Territory.
  • Tasmanian Club de Tango - A non-profit organization to share and promote tango, based in tango Hobart, Tasmania.
  • L'Affaire De Tango - Provides weekly classes and milongas, based in Melbourne.
  • Tango N Latin Bar - Classes with Pino at this tango dance studio australia in Townsville, Queensland.
  • Sydney Tango - A full directory and calendar of tango lessons, regional milongas and tango events in Sydney.

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