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  • Simeon's World of Magic - Internet magician offers online tricks.
  • CardTricks1 - Provides card tricks. A combination of written explanations, magic photographs and magic videos teach sleights, and flourishes. Also magic balloon modeling videos. Subscription magic based.
  • Free Magic Tricks - A sampling of some tricks from a full online commercial kit.
  • Abiator's Magic Centre - Archive of magic tricks that are easy to learn.
  • Xplore Magic - Features thousand of free magic tricks, magic tutorial, professional magic magic shows, funny clips, documentary, magic directories, video archive.
  • How To Do Magic Tricks - Learn easy card tricks, coin and street magic tricks, levitation effects and pub tricks. Also optical illusions.
  • Trick Magic - Free online tricks with illustrations. Related articles, links, magic downloads.
  • Cyber Magic - Illusion by Kevin Gough. Download card tricks and magic links to online other online illusions.
  • Street Magic - Offers tricks and tips, downloadable videos, free newsletter, effects and a weblog.
  • Black's Magic & Street Magic Magazine - A Portal featuring \\'extreme\\' magic tricks, DVDs, and download instruction online videos. Learn how to do street magic like on TV, online card tricks,and other illusions.
  • Magic Hat - Free tricks, reviews and articles. Also features a magic monthly newsletter and TV listings.
  • The Internet Lie Detector - A unique card trick in which the computer effects appears to magic be able tell if the spectator effects is telling the truth magic or lying.
  • Pub Tricks and Games - Downloadable video clips. Forum, live chat, ebooks, free effects ebook and newsletter, links, and their own RSS effects news feed.
  • Mr. Tricky - Magic for the young and young of heart. magic Watch videos of Mr. Tricky performing.
  • Inside Magic - All the Magic News and Information - Magic news, resources, reviews, interviews, links of fame, online and daily news and information feeds webmasters can online add to their site.
  • Trendy Magic Interactive Style - Home of the original mind-reading Mysterious Rabbit (tm) interactive card trick along with a few other interactive oddities.
  • Cool Magic Tricks - Features online magic. A different magic trick every month.
  • NemesisMagic - Classic illusions adapted to a web based format.
  • About Levitation Techniques - How to levitate. History and science of levitation effects explained. Balducci, magic Asrah, and King Rising levitations detailed effects and compared.
  • A Google Trick - Online effect utilizing what appears to be a magic Google search magic page to affect a vanish.
  • KidZone Magic Tricks - Instructions for a number of magic tricks that kids can effects do.
  • The Magic School - 15 video downloads, links, and magic ebooks for effects beginners are available in online password-protected site.
  • Magic Video Depot - Magicians share their own videos. Discussing, tips about magic magic effects.
  • Internet Magic - Free online magic tricks, card tricks, optical illusions, online fortune telling effects and classic games.
  • False Cuts - Card trick exchange center. Share card tricks with online other magicians worldwide. All degrees of difficulty for online every level of skill.
  • 1StreetMagic How-to Guide - Street magic tips and tricks, videos, how-to guide magic and supplies online for street magicians. Related articles.
  • Internet Guide - Offers a guide and tips and features related articles.
  • Flag Magic - Performs online magic tricks using national flags.
  • LearnMagics - Free magic tricks, both written and embedded YouTube videos, with related articles and feeds.

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