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World wide Stunt co-ordinator and performer, with a vast experience in CGI, cars, water, fire, horses, cast and crew safety, wires, ropes, falls, and large scale battles.

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  • Steve Fettke Bungee Jumping - Consulting, expedition services, videos, and equipment.
  • Jerry Buxbaum - An action packed website by Northwest stunt coordinator, Jerry L. stunts Buxbaum. Experienced special FX coordinator.
  • Bullseye Stunts - Official site of Lauro Chartrand, stunt coordinator, fight coordinators coordinator, stuntman, and actor. Photographs, and demo video.
  • LA Stunts Incorporated - Web site of Mike Long, Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman, performing arts and stunts Second-Unit Director, DGA, SAG, AFTRA. Extensive stunt performing arts photo gallery.
  • John Ashker Professional Coordinator - My name is John Ashker. I am a performing arts Stunt performing arts Coordinator and a 2nd Unit Director currently performing arts working in performing arts Hollywood, California.
  • Claudio Pacifico: Stunt Extreme - Italy based stunt coordinator and performer, for movies performing arts and stunts commercials. Online sport qualifications, personal information, and performing arts photos.
  • Action Unlimited - Provides stunts and action sequences to the film, television, and video industry.
  • Bottom Line Studios Inc - Stunt production company with editing, stunt equipment, air performing arts bag, coordinators pipe ramp and ports pits, and t performing arts people.
  • Denise Ryan Stunt Co-ordinator - Denise Ryan offers a full range of stunts stunts and special coordinators stunt equipment.
  • Scott Leva Stunt Coordinator - Member of The Directors Guild, The Screen Actors performing arts Guild, coordinators AFTRA, AEA and ACTRA. Features, commercials, stage performing arts and live coordinators shows. Equipment rental company.
  • Stuntrev - Homepage for Leavittaion inc.
  • Wally Crowder - DGA director, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator and high performance coordinators stunt driver. Specializing in fights, fire, television, features, commercials, print, coordinators underwater coordination and all types of film action.
  • Lee Sheward - World wide Stunt co-ordinator and performer, with a vast experience in CGI, cars, water, fire, horses, cast and crew safety, wires, ropes, falls, and large scale battles.
  •, Cummins Precision and Stunt Driving. - Richard Cummins, a stunt and precision driver hailing from Vancouver, performing arts B.C. Richard\\'s site includes a stunt demo reel, resume links, performing arts and exciting stunt history.
  • Heather Burton-Gibson & Dale Gibson Stunt Performers - Motion picture, film, television and commercial stuntwork and stunts stunt coordination.Photos of us working in your favorite stunts movies and TV shows
  • Miller, Laurie K. - New York based fight director/stunt coordinator. Specializing stunts in combat, armed and unarmed. High falls, and stunts precision driving.
  • Action4reel - Roy T. Anderson stunt coordinator and performer.
  • Action Stunts Rocky Taylor - More than 35 years experience as a Stunt coordinators Co-ordinator/Performer/2nd Unit performing arts Director. Based in UK.
  • Steve Griffin United Kingdom - Stunt Coordinator/Performer,with over 500 credits including Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, coordinators Braveheart and the last 3 Bond films.
  • - Martial arts fight choreography for film and television.

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