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Founded in 1913 by outdoor showmen meeting in Chicago. Buffalo Bill Cody, the Wild West performer, was the club's first president.

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  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a live horse stunt performing arts show. Call for show details and availability.
  • Cavallo & Company - Spettacoli Equestri - Spectacles on Horseback. Based in Italy.
  • The Showmens League Of America - Founded in 1913 by outdoor showmen meeting in Chicago. Buffalo performing arts Bill Cody, the Wild West performer, was the club\'s first performing arts president.
  • Ghost Riders Stunt Co. - American Frontier Living History. Old West Reenactors. performing arts Hangings by invitation.
  • FERE - Florida Extreme Riding Exhibitions - Extreme motorcycle stunt shows. Based in Florida performing arts and stunts performing for fairs, bike shows, car shows, performing arts and air stunts shows.
  • Stunt Action Specialists - Live action stunt team for theme events, corporate entertainment, promotional and incentive days. From sword-wielding knights, gangsters, swashbucklers and fist-fights. TV/Film work also undertaken.
  • Benros - We are theme park specialists, entertainment consultants and experienced producers of stunt shows.
  • 2MA Sports Stunt Entertainment - Producers of live action stunt shows.
  • Buckaroo Beau Schwade Wild West Cowboy Entertainer - Unique one man Wild West Stage Show, including stunts trick roping, bullwhip cracking, gun spinning, crowd participation, stunts and outrages comedy.
  • Official Site of Pistol Packin' Paula - Pistol Packin Paula is an entertainer, stuntwoman, gun-twirler, live shows trick live shows roper, bull-whipper and western dancer who tours live shows around the live shows country performing and amazing everyone with live shows her action packed live shows wild west show.
  • Horsesimpossible - Shows for large and small events, from medieval stunts jousting and Roman chariot racing, to Cossack trick stunts riding.
  • High Action Bikes - Producing professional bicycle stunt shows and demos worldwide. stunts We also perform drug prevention and bicycle safety stunts for school assembly programs.
  • Ukrainian Cossacks - National horsemanship display team from Kiev. Includes profile, performing arts cossack history, show description, image gallery, and past performing arts performances.
  • The Dragon Attack Stunt Show - An action packed stunt show based in a live shows medieval setting with monsters, explosions, stunts, comedy, and live shows over 50 sword fights!
  • Sonia Duncan & Tharra: Trick Rider - Horsework for television and motion pictures.
  • Acrostar Productions Inc. - Action Entertainment Worldwide, gymnasts, divers, trampolinists, and comedians. performing arts Creative and consulting services also.
  • The Nerveless Nocks - Theatrical circus/thrill-show productions. See death defying swaypoles, the globe live shows of death, space wheels, and helicopter trapeze acts. Producing shows live shows since 1840.

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