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Concentrating primarily on British theatre for professional actors and theatre lovers. Includes a picture gallery, quotes and anecdotes, reviews, news and email first night cards.

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  • Pioneer Drama Service - Provides acting editions and licensing to theatrical productions theatre written for performing arts the middle-high school, college, church and theatre community theatre markets.
  • Realm of Theatre - A site dedicated to theatre persons in search of monologues, performing arts solos, duet acting scenes, or duet musicals.
  • - Resource portal to the performers and producers of performing arts musicals, performing arts dramas, and operas. Includes auditions, current shows, performing arts help for performing arts producers, and information about musicals, dramas, performing arts and operas of performing arts shows.
  • TheatreWorld Internet Magazine - Electronic magazine providing news on what\\'s playing in theatre theatres around theatre the world, with brief reviews and theatre ratings.
  • Backstage - A free resource listing all "behind-the-scenes" jobs in performing arts the theatre live entertainment industry.
  • Rogues and Vagabonds - Concentrating primarily on British theatre for professional actors performing arts and performing arts theatre lovers. Includes a picture gallery, performing arts quotes and performing arts anecdotes, reviews, news and email first performing arts night cards.
  • Regional and Off-BroadwayTheatre Guides - Lists important dates, directors and audition information for productions planned throughout the USA.
  • - Guide and directory to theatres and shows throughout performing arts the United States. Offers users the choice to performing arts create personalized settings, talk in a chat forum, performing arts read announcements, and view listings.
  • - Database for the UK entertainment community to find resources suitable accommodation resources and relevant touring information.
  • On With Your Show - A one-step amateur theater production resource for tips and tools on how to produce a play or musical.
  • Alice in Theaterland - Theatre and acting resources. Acting tips, monologues, news, resources casting forum, links, plays and playwrights, actors, directors. resources [Englissh, Greek].
  • UK Theatre Network - Includes areas to post requirements for characters, to resources find suitable parts. Offers training resources, and free resources websites.
  • Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online - A list of one-act plays for four or theatre fewer actors, with access to over 700 unpublished theatre and published scripts in many languages in various theatre media.
  • Theatre Forum - International theatre journal which includes at least two theatre previously unpublished theatre scripts, dozens of photographs, and a theatre variety of articles and theatre interviews written by both theatre scholars and artists.
  • The British Theatre Guide - A guide to all aspects of British Theatre for both the amateur and professional. Includes directors, history, theatres, and theatre companies.
  • Dramatiques - Message board for help and advice on anything theatre related.
  • ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center - Offers plays, scripts and information for senior theatre.
  • Louis E. Catron's Web Site - Portal for creative writers, authors of non-fiction, performing arts playwrights, actors, directors, designers, technicians, performing arts and all who are permanent students of the performing arts arts. Features such as job information, copyright law, performing arts stage directions.

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