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A one-man, one-act play written and acted by biology professor, Floyd Sandford. The play shares information about the scientific contributions and personal life of Charles Darwin.

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  • Fool for Christ - A one-person play with many characters which explores one-person the loves, spirituality, and politics of Dorothy Day. one-person Performed by Sarah Melici.
  • Bubbles Show - Jose Luis - Official website [English version] of Jose Luis Lago one-person who does shows dramatic creations with bubbles as performance one-person art.
  • Tesla - Original one-man play based on the life of Nikola Tesla, co-written by J. Michael Newlight and Frank Tabbita, featuring Frank Tabbita as a brilliant Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla.
  • Journey to Ithaca - One-woman show about the lives of four women performed and devised by Vicky de Lacy.
  • Anomal: A Supernatural Play - Show about a supernatural boy written and produced theatre by mentalist Ehud Segev the Mentalizer.
  • Hand to Mouth - The story of one woman\\'s struggle with and recovery from shows bulimia. Now available for performances at schools, theatres, and shows organizations.
  • Ennio Marchetto - Ennio, the living cartoon. A mixture of theatre origami, quick-change, shows mime, dance, music, over 45 different theatre characters and lots of shows humor all by one theatre person in one hour. Read shows the reviews theatre and the show.
  • Lewis Grizzard: In His Own Words - Tribute to the popular Southern humorist, author, and comedian as one-person performed by Bill Oberst, Jr.
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Once Upon A Midnight - One-man play starring John Astin as author Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The Hollywood Legends - A catalogue of one-person and multiple character plays and musicals theatre for the professional, college, and amateur theatre.
  • Etty - A touring one-woman play based on the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum, adapted and performed by Susan Stein.
  • Bill Oberst Jr. - Tours across the U.S. with one-man performances of theatre "Jesus of shows Nazareth," "A Christmas Carol", "Lewis Grizzard: theatre In His Own Words," shows and "A One-Man Romeo theatre & Juliet," as well as dramatic shows recreations of theatre historic figure
  • Edgar: The Life and Life's Work of Edgar Allan Poe - A one-man musical using only Poe's original words.
  • Afraid to Look Down - Actor/playwright Cullen Douglas\\' solo play about the journey he took shows in becoming a first-time father to his oldest son born shows with Down syndrome.
  • PUB the play - A one-man show written and performed by Joe shows Lazenby. Offers one-person trailers for the piece, general show shows information, and ticket information.
  • Hey Gringo! - A stand up trilogy of one man\\'s adventures in Latin theatre America. Synopsis, reviews, and biographies of the writer.
  • A Friendly Encounter with Charles Dickens - A portrayal of Charles Dickens\\' life based on one-person his own letters and works.
  • Bob Bergen: So Here's The Deal! - Home - Official site for the one-man show written by theatre and starring one-person voice-over actor Bob Bergen.
  • Brady Of Broadway - A one-man play about Civil War photographer Mathew Brady as theatre it was performed at the Smithsonian Institution. Information available on theatre bookings for upcoming national tour.
  • My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish and I'm in Therapy! - A one-man show about blended families. Includes tour dates, press shows releases, audio and video clips, and merchandise.
  • Bright Colours Only - Interactive one-woman show about a wake in Belfast, shows written and shows directed by Pauline Goldsmith. Background on shows the show, reviews, news, shows schedule, pictures and technical shows requirements.
  • Late Nite Catechism - Interactive Off-Broadway theater comedy which puts you in shows the classroom of a parochial school.
  • Sal Mineo: A Play by Carlos Ferro - Production notes, press releases, biography, and photo gallery shows for this shows one-man show by Carlos Gonzalez Ferro.
  • Darwin Remembers: The Life and Work of Charles Darwin - A one-man, one-act play written and acted by biology professor, Floyd Sandford. The play shares information about the scientific contributions and personal life of Charles Darwin.
  • Looking For Louie - A touring solo performance about an immigrant family one-person and its one-person secrets.
  • An Evening With Groucho - Recreation of comedy legend Groucho Marx as performed by Frank Ferrante.

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