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Resources about setting up and running lights.

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See Also:
  • - Detailed information and specifications on nearly all of the moving lighting and electrics lights and moving light controllers available.
  • Redmonkey - Moving light information, including fixture libraries for many lighting and electrics desks, fixture details, and assorted pieces of software.
  • Live Design - Current and past articles from the magazine about lighting.
  • Stage Lighting 101 - An introduction to stage lighting design, in several theatre indexed chapters.
  • Strand Archive - An unofficial history of Strand Stage Lighting.
  • - Resource for professionals in the field of lighting. stagecraft Features a stagecraft list of websites about lighting.
  • Association of Lighting Designers - An association for stage lighting designers.
  • The Lighting Resource - Many articles about techniques and technology used in lighting and electrics stagecraft the lighting industry.

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