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Full service company that designs, fabricates and co-ordinates scenic elements and effects for corporate and theatrical events, media staging, parties, film and video.

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Patel, Roma* - Digital theatrical designer in the UK and Europe. Includes examples of work in theatre, film and television examples of working techniques and tutorials.

  • Muehlhausen, Jacob - Portfolio of theatrical design student displaying artwork and stagecraft some production images.
  • Dvorak, Daniel. - Portfolio of designs including image galleries and biography of the designers International theatre designer and current director of the Prague State designers Opera.
  • Stone, Kris - International theatrical designer. Site a wide range of stagecraft Kris Stone\'s stagecraft varied and acclaimed work.
  • Prague Quadrennial - Quadrennial international theatre design exhibition. Details of exhibitors designers and image set design galleries.
  • Sage, Jonathan T. - Student designer\\'s portfolio with galleries detailing scenic and set design lighting set design design.
  • Magaw, Jack - Online portfolio of Jack Magaw, Chicago based Scenic and Lighting set design Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • Housman, Bronia - Portfolio, production photographs and CV of UK based theatre designer designers Bronia Housman.
  • Hart Hansen, Nicolai - Theatre designer, consultant, model-maker and theatre design lecturer. set design Includes images of theatre productions, biography and c.v.
  • Rosenthal, Todd - American theatrical designer working in opera and theater. stagecraft Production images stagecraft and sketch work.
  • Vivian, David J. - A personal web site highlighting work for stage set design and screen.
  • Burgess, Paul - London-based set, costume and projections designer and experimental theatre director. stagecraft Includes news, biography, portfolio of designs, information on projects, and stagecraft contact details.
  • Hatley, Tim - Award-winning Production Designer for Film and Theatre. Images from Spamalot, designers Closer and Notes on A Scandal.
  • Kirkham, Scott - Portfolio of freelance theatrical designer Scott Kirkham based in the stagecraft USA.
  • Pollard, John - Theatrical, television and film designer based in New designers York, U.S.A. stagecraft Theatrical and operatic production photographs.
  • Windberger, Markus Andreas - Austrian theatre designer with experience in theatre and stagecraft corporate design. Production images.
  • Zieglerova, Klara - Internationally recognized theatre designer from Prague who is stagecraft based in designers New York. Designs have been stagecraft featured in plays on designers and off Broadway, and stagecraft also in films.
  • Maxwell, George - American theatrical designer with a range of images detailing work in theater and opera.
  • United Scenic Artists - Designers and artists for the entertainment industry.
  • Garcia, Regina - Portfolio of New York City based theater designer, designers with experience set design in opera, theater, musicals and corporate designers events.
  • Marcos, Claude - Australian theatre and costume designer. Image galleries, c.v. set design and contact information. [Requires Flash]
  • Daw, Simon - Portfolio of international theatre designer and artist. Image designers gallery and production details.
  • Bosy, Pavlo - Conceptual theatrical design examples, resume and writings from set design the set design Ukrainian theatre academic and practitioner Pavlo Bosy.
  • Winslow, Colin. - International designer and theatre design academic\\'s site illustrating set design designs for a range of productions and articles set design discussing new technological advancements in theatre design.
  • Boik, Jeramy - Technical director\'s resume with examples of theatrical and lighting designs.
  • Matsinos, Angie - Portfolio illustrating the work of Australian based theatrical designers designer and designers illustrator.
  • Manciagli, Salvo. - Italian based Theatre Designer working internationally specialising in opera and theatre. Production photographs, a biography and design schemes.
  • Barisonek, Justin - Free-lance Lighting and Theatrical Designer. Resume, biography, image stagecraft gallery.
  • McMath, Tim - Theatrical design portfolio. Production photos and resume.
  • Fisher, Mark - UK based architects and production designers for music designers concerts, theatre stagecraft and television.
  • Wilkerson, Megan - Portfolio of Milwaukee based Scenic Designer. Image gallery, resume and set design contact information.
  • Newman-Brown, Rhiannon - UK based opera and theatre designer. Reviews, production set design images designers and curriculum vitae.
  • Helnwein, Gottfried - German theatre designer with a rich, performance art set design visual image. Site contains examples of work in set design theatre, ballet and opera.
  • Kalatzis, Katrina - Design examples and resume of USA based theater stagecraft designer Katrina Kalatzis.
  • Scenography - The Theatre Design Website - Online theatre designer portfolios. Costume, theatre, performance art, puppetry, design and theatre design education related galleries and articles.
  • Welch, Douglas - Theatre consultants providing lighting design, audio systems design, and audio/visual systems design.
  • Gr├╝nberg, Klaus - Portfolio of the international theatre designer Klaus Grunberg, designers image galleries illustrating his work in a wide designers range of theatrical genres.
  • Davidson, Glenn - Canadian designer, with a range of theatre and opera designs set design on display.
  • Oldham, Astrella - Props, costume and sets design and creation for set design theatre and film. Production images, design images and set design drawings
  • Finkelstein, Richard - Extensive portfolio of American theater designer and academic, displaying work from a variety of productions including a Broadway show that toured to the then USSR in the late 80's.
  • Burrows, David - International theatre designer and lecturer. Costume and set designers renderings, production images, theatre research area and cv.
  • Rogue, Lili. - French theatre designer working in the UK. Includes designers examples of theatre design, community outreach and costume designers construction.
  • Neeman, Ruth. - Site displaying photo galleries of American set designer\\'s designers work, including designers design work for the premiere of designers The Laramie Project.
  • Vassiliev, Alexandre - Designer for opera, theatre and ballet. Examples of set design costume and set design and biographical details about set design the artists\\' academic work in fashion and costume set design history.
  • Huber, Patrick - Teacher and designer with examples of scenic and lighting designs stagecraft for theater.
  • Bradley, Scott - Scenic designer based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Working in theater, set design opera, film and television. Images of various designs.
  • Yunker, Don - Full service company that designs, fabricates and co-ordinates scenic elements and effects for corporate and theatrical events, media staging, parties, film and video.
  • Rizzotti, Patrick J. - Portfolio of Toms River New Jersey based Scenic Painter. Images set design of productions and resume.
  • Bown, Abi - Theatre designer and illustrator based in the UK designers specialsing in theatre for children, puppetry and small designers Props. Example of puppetry and theatre design.
  • Antaky, Matthew - San Francisco based scenic and lighting designer. Image stagecraft galleries and resume.
  • Schweikardt, Michael - New York based American theatrical designer. Resume, biography and photographs.
  • Diaz, Erik - Theater designer based in Boston, U.S.A. Production photos and sketch work.
  • Hammer, Andrew G - USA based theater designer, Image galleries illustrating conceptual stagecraft and realised designers performances.
  • Helpern, Lauren - Portfolio of New York based designer of theatre designers and musical productions. Production images and resume.
  • Hillmar, Gregg - Scenic and lighting designer based in the USA
  • Bembridge, Brian - Award Winning Chicago, U.S.A. based Scenic and Lighting Designer. Image galleries and resume.
  • Marshall, Stuart - Belfast, UK based theatre designer, site contains image designers galleries of conceptual and production designs, description of designers design process and c.v.
  • Aronow, Scott - Portfolio of New York City based scenic designer stagecraft Scott Aronow. Resume and Photographs.
  • Umfrid, Thomas C. - Designer of theatrical sets for drama, musicals and stagecraft opera. Site features gallery of work, resume, stagecraft design history, vitae and contact information. Based stagecraft in Cincinnati.
  • Wagner, Marie Lynn - Theatrical designer\\'s portfolio with image galleries and details of a number of productions.
  • Richards, Jason - Theatrical designer specialising in set and costume. Image stagecraft galleries illustrating stagecraft theatre, video and spatial design.
  • Ardizzone-West, Jason - Portfolio of theater design. Includes images of lighting set design design, stagecraft architecture, and photography.
  • Walsh, Frank - Provides design services for exhibitions, live events, museium displays, theater, and interior design.
  • LeFevre, Ted - Theatrical designer with experience in theater, opera and television. Based designers in New York, USA.
  • Heyse, Nicolaus-Johannes - Portfolio of stage design.
  • Naylor, Diana. - Diana Naylor\\'s online theatrical portfolio includes images of stagecraft set and set design costume design, AutoCAD drawings and production stagecraft photographs.
  • Conway, Daniel - Online portfolio of Daniel Conway, Washington D.C. based Scenic Designer. set design Portfolio, biography and contact information.
  • Bower, Alan - Design work by Alan Bower, UK theatrical designer designers and scenic artist for theatre, television and corporate designers events.
  • Bainbridge, Martyn - London based theatre and exhibition designer. Galleries of stagecraft various productions.
  • Gallo, David - Tony award winning theater and musical theater designer. Production image set design galleries, biography and reviews.
  • Soroko, April - Theatrical designers site including many images of costume designs for a wide range of academic and some professional productions.
  • Kouwenhoven, Erik - International theatre designer and director. Galleries of dance, stagecraft theatre and design work.
  • Allenby, Kate - Portfolio of set designs, props, costume and scenic art.

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