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Fine art, small and large format portraits, landscapes, and architectural studies. Includes both infrared and panchormatic images at his gallery, Facts of Light and Transitional Images

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See Also:
  • Cooper, Keith - Skies, water and land from the UK and Canada.
  • Harrington, Roy - Landscapes from Point Lobos, the Grand Canyon, a ghost town, landscapes Mono Lake, and Maine.
  • Varjabedian, Craig - Photographs of the American West and Southwest.
  • Garden, David - Collection of panaramic landscape photos of the US black and white fine art countryside.
  • Edwards, Scott - Landscapes and natural abstracts printed in silver gelatin.
  • Bjerkan, Jay - Specializes in black and white landscapes of the Napa Valley, California.
  • Davies, John - Urban and rural landscapes of Wales, England, Ireland, landscapes Italy, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • Mac Donald, Jimmy - Arctic landscapes from the northern Hudson Bay region in Canada. Includes information on developing and working with large-format film.
  • McCarthy, Meghan - Images from America\\'s past, featuring abandoned buildings and black and white empty spaces. "Eerie and lonely, but crowded with black and white the memories of past lives."
  • Abbatepaolo, Mario - Landscapes and seascapes from New England and elsewhere landscapes on the Atlantic coast of the US.
  • Burke, Dave - UK and North American landscapes.
  • Duffy, Sean - Photographs from Ireland and North America. The site landscapes also features paintings and claywork of the author.
  • Mlineritsch, Reinhart - Austrian landscapes and semi-abstract natural details. Includes information black and white landscapes on the photographer's publications. English and German.
  • Gray, Jo - Limited edition images, mostly from northwest Ireland.
  • Calvo, Richard - Landscapes from New York City, Long Island, and fine art elsewhere.
  • Mumby, Jonathan - Landscapes from the American West, including Yosemite, Mono fine art Lake, and Death Valley.
  • Houston, Alistair - Forest and sea of Scotland.
  • Gledhill, Steve - Photographs of the land, sea and sky.
  • Lopez, Carlos - Fine art landscape, seascape, and abstract photographs.
  • Finley, Mike - Floral and rural landscape monochrome photography, including some infrared.
  • Wesler, Jacob - Minimalist landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Arkless, Marc - South Wales seascapes taken at locations of notable black and white black and white shipwrecks, with accompanying stories.
  • Pope, John - A gallery of fine-art photographs by a Californian landscapes photographer. Includes landscapes, some cityscapes and still life.
  • Greutmann, Thomas - US, Iceland, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Nielsen, Bryan - Landscapes, abandoned architecture, and some still life.
  • Maraini, Silvio - Landscapes from Iceland and continental Europe. Includes information on printmaking.
  • Myers, Joan - Platinum-palladium prints of the American Southwest, the Santa landscapes Fe Trail, Santiago pilgrims, Salton Sea, older women, landscapes Pie Town Woman, Japanese-American internment camps and Antarctica.
  • Watanabe, Koichi - Panoramic landscapes of Hokkaido grasslands. In English and fine art Japanese.
  • Fauland, Peter - Landscapes and studies of form and light from black and white fine art the American West.
  • Gregory, William - Western landscapes, and sand dunes.
  • Ross, Alan - Printer of Ansel Adams\\' Special Edition negatives for landscapes over twenty years. His images are in the landscapes Adams tradition; Yosemite, the Southwest, and the coastline landscapes of California.
  • Fokos, David - Features minimalist black and white images, artist\\'s statement, landscapes biography, pricing and links to galleries.
  • Riley, Norman E. - Fine art, small and large format portraits, landscapes, and architectural fine art studies. Includes both infrared and panchormatic images at his fine art gallery, Facts of Light and Transitional Images

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