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This category is for photography sites that feature primarily collections of travel and/or location photographs of specific, named regions/locations, and which include text information about where the images were made. This category is NOT: for sites that feature primarily collections of "vacation" pictures or snapshots. for sites that focus on travelogues or travel-related information.

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See Also:
  • Belz, R. T. - Portfolio of exotic locations and people from Thailand, b Vietnam, Texas, and Europe.
  • Bellou, Kalli - Images taken in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Thailand. Also b examples of nature, abstract and people photography. Features galleries, artist b statement and guestbook.
  • Bloomhuff, William - A website artistically documenting indigenous people of the b world, their b sacred places and lifestyles.
  • Babaian, Natasha - Stocklist of photographs from Australia, Europe, the United States, and Central Asia.
  • Balotescu, Razvan - Scenic photos from Patagonia, Greece, Romania, and National b Parks the Western United States.
  • Bobke, Laurenz - Images from Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Includes a b guest gallery.
  • Beardsworth, John - Color and black and white photographs of sites travel and location throughout the world.
  • Broadwell, Richard - Photographs from Thailand, Bali, Tonga, Moorea, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and the American west. Includes several panoramic views. Also, samples of his commercial photography.
  • Booth, Cameron - Extensive collection of photographs from western Europe, South-East Asia, and travel and location Australia. [Flash player required]
  • Booth, Jeff - Displays images from Costa Rica, China, Europe, and the United States.
  • Bowman, Ed - Images from Australia, Norway, United Kingdom, and the travel and location Southern United States. Includes essays on photography.
  • Brantl, Giulio - Black and White photos and reportages from the world.
  • Breslawski, Roy - Photography from around the world. Focused on images travel and location travel and location of people, nature and wildlife.
  • Brayshaw, Tim - Photos from around the world, categorized by location b and in photographers albums.
  • Birlouez, Vincent - Black and white travel photography.
  • Baker, Iain - Travel photography from Europe, North America, Asia and b Australia.
  • Bourdet, Guillaume - Pictures of Nepal, Pakistan, India, the UK, and photographers May Day photographers demonstration 2001, as well as personal photographers information.
  • Bull, David - Photographs, with comments, from Canada, USA, Australia, New b Zealand, Pacific Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, and Denmark. Also, b a few vacation pictures.
  • Bockermann, Carsten - Photos from India, Mexico, the United States, Germany, photographers Mauritius, Spain, photographers Italy, and Portugal.

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