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Showcasing a photo collection of deserted factories and construction sites in Indiana and Wisconsin. Also includes a gallery of digital paintings.

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See Also:
  • Payne, Chris - Images of industrial ruins and vanishing building typologies. Subjects include asylums and substations.
  • Geller, Gerald - Portfolio of urban scenes and people from San Diego, California.
  • Mejia, Maria - Urban and Street Photography by Maria Mejia, San photographers Francisco, California.
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  • Bug, Jun - Urban and/or industrial scenes, and architecture, from Chicago, Tokyo, and Italy. Large collection.
  • Lucis, Aleksander - Polish photographer exhibits a small portfolio of subjective street photography urban and photojournalism
  • Truhls, Rick - A new photograph for every day of the urban week. Mainly urban photos.
  • Kabat, Tommy - Provides imagery of Los Angeles & Pacific Northwest. photographers Styles include urban abstract/experimental, portrait, candid, retro-glamour; with a photographers modern edge.
  • Alexander, Paul - Collection of photographs and digital imagery, mostly architectural and urban photography landscapes, with a focus on Birmingham and surrounding areas.
  • Zimmermann, Jeremie - Large expanding portfolio mainly French in flavour but photographers also including San Francisco and some European photo photographers galleries.
  • Porrett, Pat and Alan - Digital images of urban settings by photographers in photographers Northern England.
  • Fiorino, Maurizio - Portfolio contains mainly portraits of young men as photographers well as some lifestyle and landscape images by photographers NY based photographer.
  • Ruggiero, Paolo - A small photolog with essays on Paolo\\'s travels photographers taking in Bologna, Manhattan, Paris and the Adriatic photographers Sea.
  • Moore, Callen - Black and white images of urban landscapes and photography people. photography Features galleries and short artist biography.
  • Witzel,Blair - A collection of images from Toronto with each photography theme accompanied by music.
  • Jekic, Ivan - Black and white and colour urban photography and some nature landscapes.
  • Sylvie Bardet - A collection of mainly urban and portrait photographs with a photographers focus on Paris, London, Chinatown.
  • Guma Mbaho Mwine, Ntare - Image galleries include works from Cuba, Uganda, Russia photographers and America by Ugandan - American photographer.
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  • The Streets are Alive - Non-photography weblog by Nitsa.
  • Gilmour, Kim - Everyday London photos taken off the beaten track photography with an photographers accompanying weblog.Updated regularly.
  • Brinck, Waylon - Showcasing a photo collection of deserted factories and urban construction sites in Indiana and Wisconsin. Also includes urban a gallery of digital paintings.
  • Mathiassen, Lars - Cityscapes, from streetscape to skylines. High-resolution versions can urban be downloaded.
  • Carini, Chrissy - Urban culture, including disc jockeys, the underground and portraits.
  • Muller, Bernard - A collection of images depicting streets, railway lines, coal mines, steam trains and boats.
  • Wilson,Alan - Themes include anti-war, women in black and graffiti photographers from New urban York, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Nitsa - Street and urban photography. Mainly abstract black and urban white work.
  • Caballero, Lucille, photographe - A small collection of photographs that include portraits, urban street life photography and lifestyle
  • Choy, John - Hong Kong photographer\\'s arresting captures of the city photographers and its people
  • Atkins, Marc - Photographer of hidden places, secret histories and urban photography characters. Author information and artwork reviews.
  • Gidley, Lisa - Modern urban landscapes, portraits, and an ongoing citywide photographers portrait of New York.
  • NB Photo Arts - Small collection of photographs, mostly architectural and urban landscapes.
  • Casciani,Georges - A gallery featuring images of daily life in urban the cities photography of Bangkok and HoChiMinh.

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