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Approaching photography and photographer literally as a "medium," this exhibition considers how historical and present-day practitioners utilize and reference intrinsic mechanics of light-sensitive media to achieve spiritual allusions and illusi

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  • Heavens Above - An online exhibit from the New York Public photography Library that compares the 19th-century chromolithographs of astronomical photography observations made by artist/astronomer Etienne Trouvelot with comparable photography images photographed by NASA as part of its photography space program.
  • Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype - A virtual exhibition of photographs, contemporary interpretations and photography historical texts, and Real Audio tours, from the photography photographic collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. photography Exhibition curated by Merry Foresta.
  • 1896 Washington Salon and Art Photographic Exhibition - Three prestigious Washington, D.C. organizations played a major photography role in the establishment and acceptance of art photography photography in America. The Camera Club of the photography Capital Bicycle Club sponsored the 1896 Washington Salon photography and Art Photographic Exhibition. The Co
  • Museum of Modern Art Collection and Virtual Exhibitions - The Museum began to collect photographs in 1930 and established photography the Photography Department in 1940. Site links to MoMA\\'s virtual photography group and one-person exhibitions, including Rudy Burkhardt, Andreas Gursky, Aleksandr photography Rodchenko, David Goldblatt, and Cindy
  • American Photographs: The First Century - Presents a wide-ranging selection of photographs from the photography Smithsonian American Art Museum collection, including Civil War photography images by George Barnard and the Mathew Brady photography Studio, spectacular western landscapes by Timothy O\'Sullivan and photography William Henry Jackson,
  • Urban Life Through Two Lenses - The exhibition represents multiple approaches to history, material photography culture and photography time. Photographs by William Notman (1826-1891), photography re-visited and re-photographed by photography contemporary photographer Andrzej Maciejewski, photography with separate historical, photographic, and mu
  • IDEA Photographic | After Modernism - A contemporary view of history from the photography curated virtual exhibitions photography collections at the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa curated virtual exhibitions photography Fe, Princeton University Art Museum, and San Francisco curated virtual exhibitions photography Museum of Modern Art.
  • Concerning the Spiritual in Photography - Approaching photography and photographer literally as a "medium," photography this exhibition photography considers how historical and present-day practitioners photography utilize and reference intrinsic photography mechanics of light-sensitive media photography to achieve spiritual allusions and illusi
  • Recollecting a Culture: Selections from the Fotokino Archive - Recollecting a Culture is a study of the reference political and reference economic pressures on the visual arts reference of the German Democratic reference Republic (GDR). It draws reference from the Fotokino Archive, comprised of reference approximately 14,000 reference prints and several thousand negatives, which was ac
  • Between Home and Heaven: Contemporary American Landscape Photography - To reveal the truth within the landscape, photographers reference of the present day have had to find reference a way to mediate between the sometimes harsh reference realities of contemporary life and the edenic traditions reference of the genre -- between home and heaven. reference Featuring 90 works b

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