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Articles on the use and abuse of photography in media today, an archive of past issues, and information on the print version.

    Top: Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles: Documentary: Magazines and E-zines

See Also:
  • Journal E - Interactive photo essays on subjects from childbirth and techniques and styles cigar bars to the Watergate decade.
  • PixelPress - Focuses on new strategies for documentary imagery, with magazines and e-zines documentary photo essays, web art, reviews, and articles.
  • Themes - Bi-monthly magazine edited by John Vink and associated techniques and styles at Magnum photo. Includes subscription information and an techniques and styles overview of each issue. In English and French.
  • Handheld - Features documentary projects and single images with journal entries from the photographers. Submissions welcome. (requires flash)
  • National Geographic - Photography - Photography essays, documentary tips and links to photographers\\' web sites, documentary galleries by topic and wallpapers.
  • Daylight Magazine - Focuses on community-based documentary partnerships in various locations throughout the world. Published quarterly.
  • Photojournalistas - Features in-depth photojournalism, stories and photo essays. Includes techniques and styles commentary from the photojournalists and writers about how techniques and styles they produced their photos and stories.
  • Foto Art Magazine - On line magazine for art photography and video. Features gallery and portfolios.
  • Foto8 - Features photo stories by freelancers and agency photographers covering topical issues worldwide. Includes subscription information and links.
  • File Magazine - Collection of unexpected photography. The collection, contributors, and submissions.
  • Reportage - Articles on the use and abuse of photography magazines and e-zines documentary in media today, an archive of past issues, magazines and e-zines documentary and information on the print version.
  • The Digital Journalist - Features documentary work, including editorials, columns, product reviews techniques and styles magazines and e-zines and photography tips.
  • Documentography: Issue - A quarterly webmagazine with stories from young and techniques and styles documentary new photojournalists from around the world.
  • FotoTrip - Features street and travel photography with commentary and music.
  • UntitledMagazine - Black and white and color documentary photography of documentary current events.

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