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The Pinhole Gallery is dedicated to the fine art of pinhole photography in all its shapes and sizes. Visitors are invited to submit images via email to the site and to participate in the gallery. Linking to the site as an educational resource is welcome

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  • Pinhole Cameras & How-To's - Pinhole camera building tips and photos including a pinhole 6x16 panoramic pinhole camera and modifying Holga cameras.
  • Pinhole Visions - The Art of Pinhole Photography - News and events relating to the art of techniques and styles pinhole photography around the world.
  • The Loch-Lomo ... Yet Another Pinhole Camera - A description of how to make a convenient techniques and styles pinhole camera from an old Agfa Clack box techniques and styles camera. There is also more general information on techniques and styles pinhole cameras and technique, as well as a techniques and styles gallery.
  • The Pinhole Format Co. - Instruction guide on making and using 8x10 corrugated pinhole pinhole cameras: Wide-angle, Normal and Telephoto. Order includes pinhole Hand-drilled pinholes.
  • Zero Image: Collectible Handmade Wooden Pinhole Cameras - Handmade wood and brass pinhole cameras by the Zero Image Company, a professional design and production house located in Hong Kong. Film formats include 120 roll film, 4 x 5, and 35mm. Zone plate and pinhole, plus accessories.
  • Pinhole Spy Camera - Learn how to build your very own 110 pinhole spy techniques and styles camera.
  • STD 35 Pinhole Camera - Easy to make DIY pinhole camera form follows function in photography this design.
  • Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas - Detailed overview of pinhole photography, with links to other pinhole pinhole resources and a bibliography of pinhole books.
  • Pinhole Resource Online - The Pinhole Resource is the home of the techniques and styles Pinhole Journal and a source of books, cameras, techniques and styles and materials for the pinhole photographer.
  • Pinhole Camera - Photographs, Information, PinholeDesigner - The pinhole camera - the camera without a lens. Information techniques and styles about the simplest image-creating device, its history, sample photographs and techniques and styles the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations. techniques and styles By David Balihar, in both Czech and English
  • Pinholistic - Edo's Esoteric Pinhole Essays - These essays share what goes on in the pinhole making of techniques and styles my pinhole photographs, offering a glimpse pinhole of what it is techniques and styles like to be deeply pinhole involved in photography and life.
  • Lenseless Camera Mfg. Company - Manufacturer of wooden pinhole cameras that use cut techniques and styles film holders and Polaroid backs. Come in techniques and styles various focal lengths for 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and techniques and styles 11x14 film sizes. May be ordered direct.
  • Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer - Automatically design your own zone plates to use with your pinhole camera under different light conditions.
  • Bardell, Doug - Examples of several homemade pinhole camera made from wood and brass, including panoramic 120 roll-film. Also has information on brass shutters and how to make bellows.
  • Dvoracek, Nick - Instructional materials on pinhole photography, with an emphasis on school photography settings, a collection of historical articles from the 19th and photography early 20th century, and a gallery of my own photographs.
  • Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - An international event to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole pinhole photography by encouraging people throughout the world to make pinhole a simple pinhole photograph and share their visions.
  • Starlight Cameras - Innovative pinhole cameras and darkroom kits... donate a pinhole camera to education every week.
  • the pinhole gallery - The Pinhole Gallery is dedicated to the fine photography art of techniques and styles pinhole photography in all its shapes photography and sizes. Visitors techniques and styles are invited to submit photography images via email to the site techniques and styles and to photography participate in the gallery. Linking to the techniques and styles photography site as an educational resource is welcome
  • Bender Photographic: Pinhole Camera Kits - Bender Photographic, Inc., pinhole camera kits, and pinhole pinhole information kits.
  • f295 Forum - A forum for the discussion of pinhole photography, camera construction, pinhole exhibition and techniques. Includes an "upload" gallery to post pinhole pinhole images.
  • Pinhole Photography, Educational Site - Information on pinhole photography, camera project, history, images pinhole and links.
  • Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography - Photo gallery plus directions to make a pinhole pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them. Also, pinhole links to other pinhole camera sites.
  • Tortuga 5 Panoramic Pinhole Camera - Tortuga 5: the unique pinhole camera .... with techniques and styles techniques and styles 5 buit-in pinholes in wooden polygonal camera body. techniques and styles techniques and styles TORTUGA 5 allows you to take astonishing panoramic techniques and styles techniques and styles pictures and will help you to achieve unusual techniques and styles techniques and styles artistic creations in the realm of photography.
  • Mini-pin project - Mini-pin is a pinhole photography project which uses photography 35mm film canisters as cameras. They are freely photography distributed, and the images are collected online.
  • RPM Cameras - RPM Cameras sells handmade pinhole cameras and pinhole pinhole camera kits. Available now is the RPM24mm camera pinhole and kit. These 35mm cameras can be developed pinhole and printed at any local photo store.

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