Photographers Polaroid Processes Techniques and Styles Photography

Virtual gallery of manipulated polaroid SX-70 photos including flowers, landscapes, people, architecture and nudes. Image transfers and emulsion transfers coming soon.

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  • Polaroid Art Gallery - Virtual gallery of manipulated polaroid SX-70 photos including photographers flowers, landscapes, techniques and styles people, architecture and nudes. Image transfers photographers and emulsion transfers coming techniques and styles soon.
  • Lau, Peter - Polaroid transfer, emulsion transfer, sx-70 manipulation, black and white polaroid techniques and styles transfer instructions and examples. Canadian site about art of Polaroid techniques and styles transfer and manipulation.
  • Going, Michael - Gallery of altered Polaroid SX-70; commercial and fine art portfolios.
  • Kozielski, Jack - Polaroid image transfer art gallery. Features exhibitions, information about artist, photographers polaroid transfer and contact.
  • Asher, Darryl J. - Evocative fine art Polaroid transfer photography. Features Photo polaroid processes gallery, index of images, artist information, and technical polaroid processes information.
  • Winholtz, Angela - Polaroid emulsion transfer photography of flowers and nature. Also polaroid processes candid available light black and white baby portraits.
  • Levinthal, David - Includes a survey of his photographic work, a polaroid processes biography, polaroid processes current exhibitions, and a list of publications.
  • Les Temps Modernes - Photographs taken with a Polaroid 450 land camera. Features galleries of Paris, textures, stations, coastal images and towers. Contact information and a manifesto are also available.
  • Kenario - Photo impressionistic images from around the world by two photographers polaroid processes from Italy and California using Polaroid SX-70 manipulation.
  • Hughes, Laura - Landscape, figurative and abstract imagery incorporating Polaroid SX70.
  • Shipman, Mike - Stock and fine art photography, including Polaroid transfers polaroid processes and photographers SX-70 manipulations. Classes and workshops.
  • Uliasz, Marek - Photography and Polaroid transfer art of ghost towns techniques and styles polaroid processes and lost sites of Colorado, returns to techniques and styles polaroid processes Poland, and New Mexico adobe churches.
  • Sturman, Robert - Includes images with the themes of nature, surf culture, the techniques and styles blues, India and Nepal, and portraits.
  • Carvalho, Melinda - Image and emulsion transfer photographs of landscapes, seascapes, polaroid processes and still life.
  • Amidon, Shannon - Alternative process photography. Polaroid transfers, and liquid emulsions.
  • Montgomery, Gordon - SX-70 manipulations, color and B/W photography.
  • Corrigan, Andy - A collection of SX-70 and image transfers in addition to photographers traditional seascapes, landscapes and infrared work. Features portfolio, artist biography photographers and contact details.
  • Brown, Cathy - Polaroid transfer and emulsion lift fine art photography.
  • Sobredo, Catherine - Polaroid image transfers of portraits and nudes reminiscent photographers of ancient frescos.
  • Meacham, Colleen - Photographer residing in the Seattle, Washington area. Galleries photographers include floral, techniques and styles brush strokes and Hawaii.
  • Barrett, Patrick - A gallery of Polaroid image transfer and black and white photographers prints available for purchase.
  • Melious, Amy - Traditional photographic and polaroid transfer images of landscapes, florals, insects, polaroid processes nature, people, occasions, Europe, still life, and portraits.
  • Hunt, Andrew Thomas - Cinematic style Fashion/Erotic photographs taken with a Polaroid Land Camera techniques and styles 210.
  • Sierra, Jonathan - Exhibition of Polaroid images.

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