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Experience the history of broadcast radio including both news and entertainment. Plus a monthly updated timeline of broadcast radio and many links to other radio-related material.

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  • BBC Radio London photographs - Roger Clark\\'s photographs of the station and staff, history taken in the 1970\\'s and 1980\\'s. A history unique record of a radio station of the history era. There are over 700 photos on display.
  • Boss Radio Forever - The history of 1965 Los Angeles rock and radio roll radio history station KHJ.
  • Marconi Calling - On-line museum dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi and based arts on the Marconi companies early history.
  • Dave's Vintage Broadcasting - An interesting site with a lot of audio and some arts history of stations in the UK.
  • ASD Decision Documents (FCC) - Links to early US radio documents from the arts Department of radio Commerce, Federal Radio Commission, and Federal arts Communications Commission.
  • George "Hound dog" Lorenz - History of Buffalo, New York\\'s "Father of Rock radio and Roll arts Radio." Features pictures, sounds and articles radio on George "Hound dog" arts Lorenz.
  • 1950's British Radio Nostalgia - From Mrs. Dale\\'s Diary to Take It From history Here. A collection of BBC Radio programmes in history the 1950\\'s are reviewed here. Some with audio history clips.
  • Marconi 100 - Marking a century of radio - The BBC\\'s story of Marconi\\'s first trans-Atlantic broadcast radio in 1901 radio from Poldhu in Cornwall to Newfoundland.
  • South Florida Radio History - A collection of articles about the history of radio radio broadcasting radio in South Florida -- from 1923 radio to present. Part of radio the South Florida Radio radio Pages.
  • Veterans' Voice of America - The not-for-profit organization for the preservation of the radio first global reach Voice of America facility, the radio Bethany Station, located in West Chester, Ohio.
  • StlRadio - A site which presents the history of St. radio Louis Broadcast radio Radio.
  • The Broadcast Archive - Resources, documents, history, and trivia relating to US radio radio stations from 1913 onward.
  • RADIOZONE - The radio, mostly French, its history, its stories. radio On history the radio and the Internet.
  • Old Radio Broadcasting Equipment and Memories - Pictures of old BBC radio equipment and memories from the arts people who used it.
  • Radio Rewind - 40 years of Radio 1 & 2 - Unofficial look back over the years of Britain\\'s arts BBC Radio history One and Two. Includes sound files, arts jingles, listings, disc jockey history profiles and photographs.
  • 1930s sponsored English language radio in Europe. - These pages record some of the history of the early arts English-language sponsored or commercial stations that transmitted to the United arts Kingdom during the 1930s.
  • History of Central Florida Radio Stations. WPLA, WLAK, WONN - History of Central Florida Radio Stations. Biographies, Memorabilia, and Audio radio clips of Central Florida radio stations and personalities.
  • The Marconi Company - A history of the Marconi Company, founded by Guglielmo Marconi.
  • A World of Wireless, virtual radiomuseum - A virtual radiomuseum of the early history of radio from history a Dutch perspective. Learn about the early history, enjoy the history nostalgia or browse the database which contains 150 free downloadable history Philips diagrams.
  • John Allen's Radio Pages - Pictures and audio from the UK\\'s BBC Radio radio London, LBC arts Newstalk (commercial speech station) and Imperial radio College Radio (student station).
  • Nathan Stubblefield - Kentucky farmer invents wireless telephone in 1892! But radio was it radio? Facts and folklore about Nathan radio Stubblefield by Bob Lochte.
  • MDS975 Radio Memorabilia section - A look at radio history in the UK history from 1920 arts until today, paying tribute to the history BBC, BBC Local Radio arts and Independent Local history Radio.
  • Airheads Radio Survey Archive - An historical archive of pop music radio surveys history from the 50s through the 80s. The searchable history singles and albums chart data are cross-referenced and history include many local or regional hits.
  • Amos 'n' Andy In Person - Analysis and history of the US show that radio ran from 1928 to 1943, written by Elizabeth radio McLeod.
  • Radio London in the 1960's - History of the pirate Radio London, off the arts Essex coast radio in the mid-1960\\'s. Includes useful arts context of why the radio pirate stations emerged.
  • Radio Service Bulletins (1921-1927) - These monthly Radio Service Bulletins were published by radio the US arts Bureau of Navigation, Department of Commerce radio in the 1920s and arts early 1930s.
  • The history of the UK radio licence - In the United Kingdom you were required - from 1922 until 1971 - to pay for a radio licence in order to legally listen to the wireless. Illustrated history.
  • DCNYRadio Memory Bank - Radio and TV memories of stations in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, radio Buffalo, Boston and New York.
  • Broadcasting Scrapbook - Memories of radio stations and broadcasters of the 20th century. Contributions welcome.
  • Radio Days: A Soundbite History - Experience the history of broadcast radio including both history news and arts entertainment. Plus a monthly updated timeline history of broadcast radio and arts many links to other history radio-related material.
  • Old Time Radio Hobbyist - A collection of radio shows for sale or (preferred) trade. arts Offers two radio shows a month (in downloadable RealAudio), OTR arts trivia, radio museum and history of radio.
  • History of American Broadcasting - AM and FM station lists from the 1920s history through 1950s. Articles mostly on early history of history radio and TV.
  • History of WDRC Radio in Hartford, Connecticut - Presents a visual and audio history of WDRC, Connecticut\'s oldest history radio station.
  • National Radio Hall of Fame & Museum - Notes on the members
  • United States Early Radio History - Articles and extracts about early radio and related technologies, in the United States from 1897 to 1927. By Thomas H. White.
  • Central Florida Radio - History of Radio Stations in Central Florida form Orlando to arts Deland
  • Dr. Lee De Forest Radio History - Chronicles the history of De Forest radios.
  • Jeff's Radio Gold - Personal site of a pop music radio fan radio in the UK details the history of Radio radio Caroline, 207, 208, RNL and other stations of radio the 1960s, 70s and 80s. With photos of radio studios, towers, and disc jockeys.
  • BBC Radio classics: 1922-46 - BBC site with historic recordings from the first daily radio arts service in 1922 until the end of World War 2.
  • Bay Area Radio Museum - The history of radio broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay arts Area, including streaming audio, photographs and memorabilia dating back to arts the early 20th Century.
  • Larry Matthews' Minor Career In Radio - Larry\\'s erratic history of being a disc jockey arts starting in history California in 1967. Also the technological arts changes that have occurred history to change the industry.
  • Radio of Yesteryear - Radio programs on CD for trade.
  • New England FM/TV History - Articles on early history of TV and FM history radio mostly in the New Hampshire area of history the US, by Norm Gagnon.
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