College and Educational News Television

[University of Maryland] News and information about state and national politics are offered. Site also features RealVideo of the nightly news magazine.

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  • Prime Time Palomar - [Palomar College] Site offers behind-the-scenes photos, air schedule, staff, and college and educational contact and sponsorship information.
  • KOMU TV8 - [University of Missouri] The university\\'s own commercial station operates as an NBC affiliate. Students run the daily news operation. Site offers updated local news, weather, sports and backgrounders.
  • Maryland Newsline - [University of Maryland] News and information about state television and national politics are offered. Site also features television RealVideo of the nightly news magazine.
  • Polyvision - [Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo] Student news television program provides QuickTime video of its reports.
  • WTOP 10 SUNY Oswego - [SUNY Oswego] Site of the student-run television station news offers local news news and streaming video.
  • KBYU News - [Brigham Young University] Student news site for the news twice-daily news broadcast. Site is a joint effort news by its print and online journalism counterparts offering news live webcasts in Windows Media format and full news articles.
  • Northwestern News Network - [Northwestern University] Producers of the Northwestern News Report, a television college and educational newscast that covers news, issues and events of interest to college and educational the University and Evanston communities.
  • WUFT-TV - [University of Florida] The student-run nightly newscast airs college and educational on the university-owned PBS affiliate. Site offers programming college and educational guides and staff information.
  • WOUB Online - Newswatch - [Ohio University] The student-produced program focuses on news from its news locale, Southern Ohio. Site offers RealVideo of the live nightly news newscasts, as well as text stories.
  • M.U. Report - [Marshall University] Site offers the weekly broadcast of college and educational the news program in Windows Media Player format.
  • NewsFeed - [University of Michigan] The student-produced, live, nightly newscasts cover local television stories as well as stories from abroad.
  • Carolina Week - [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] Site college and educational featuring RealVideo and transcripts of stories featured on college and educational the weekly news magazine.
  • Newsource15 and University News - [University of Georgia] Site offers program and facilities overview, with college and educational an alumni directory
  • News 3 New Mexico - [Eastern New Mexico University] Site offers news briefs and staff college and educational biographies.
  • Annenberg TV News - [University of Southern California] Site of the student-produced news newscasts offers college and educational extended information on topics explored in news the nightly newscasts. RealVideo college and educational selections of special programs news and nightly newscasts are available.
  • WRED-TV - [St. John\\'s University] TV club\\'s site with member list, calendar, college and educational forum, alumni information, and airdates for Eye of the Storm college and educational News.

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