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A zine for fans from all over the world. Site includes membership information, episode guide, archives, FAQ, actor information and news.

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  • Grudge-Match.com: A-Team vs. MacGyver - 80\\'s masters of construction and destruction duke it out using whatever weapons they have time enough to assemble. [Humor.]
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  • A Good Kind of Crazy - Fan fiction, episode reviews, transcripts, and gallery of screen captures.
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  • A-Team Canon - All new updated A-Team FAQ, information for fan programs fiction writers programs and fans on details of the programs characters lives, settings, bad programs guys, clients, and the programs Team's military history.
  • The A-Team Page - Information on the show, movie, merchandise, pictures, and action and adventure episode guide.
  • The Fool Files - Information and pictures about the A-Team show, members action and adventure action and adventure and van.
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  • A-Team Resource Page - Offers all the latest news, information, downloads, and action and adventure action and adventure a discussion forum.
  • The Number One A-Team Page - Sounds, episode guide, music, games, biographies, downloads and a-team, the pictures.
  • The A-Team Game - A Shockwave game based on the hit TV show.

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