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Chat rooms, forums, mailing lists, and bulletin boards devoted to discussion of the series. Mailing lists or other forums that focus on distributing fan fiction should be placed in the appropriate Fan Fiction subcategory; lists and forums focused on the actors or individual characters will be listed under Characters.

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  • Yahoo! Groups: fox_24 - Discussion board for viewers. [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • 24 Forum - Cast, episode, and spoiler discussion.
  • Yahoo! Groups: 24_fans - Topics focus on the show as well as dramas Kiefer Sutherland. 24 [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • Yahoo! Groups: 24_Over_30 - Discussion board with membership limited to people older 24 than 30. 24 Includes spoilers. [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • 24Natic - Episode, cast, character, spoiler, and fan fiction discussion. dramas [Registration required.]
  • Yahoo! Groups: 24-FanFiction - Members post stories based on the series. [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • Yahoo! Groups: 24UK - Message board. Spoilers for UK viewers discouraged. [Yahoo! dramas registration required.]
  • The 24 Community - Cast, character, episode, and spoiler discussion board. [Registration dramas required.]
  • Yahoo! Groups: Twenty_Four - Discussion of the series. [Yahoo! registration required.]

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