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The Sentinel is the story of James (Jim) Ellison, an ex-Army Ranger turned police detective in the fictional city of Cascade, WA. Ellison discovers that he has hyper-active senses. He fine tunes these senses with the help of Blair Sandburg, an anthropologist and observer/consultant with the Cascade Police.

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  • Sentinel Fandom - Includes background information on the show, links, a sentinel, the mailing sentinel, the list, information to keep the show airing, sentinel, the and fan sentinel, the fiction.
  • Starfox's Mansion - Information, news, links, keepers, fan fiction, sounds, quotes, and images.
  • Becky's Sentinel Page - Fan fiction, links, screen captures, quotes, and episode sentinel, the transcripts.
  • Cascade Underground - Includes episode guide, cast and crew information, pictures, cop shows sounds, articles and links.
  • SOS: Support Our Sentinel - Support page for the series. Banners, news, things cop shows viewers can do for the show, series information, cop shows and links.

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