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Various articles about La Femme Nikita. Reviews, interviews focused on the show, and other articles. Interviews of individual stars should probably go to their category.

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  • Surprising 'Femme' Is Not Fatale - [New York Daily News] "Of course, \\'La Femme articles and interviews Nikita,\\' like its heroine, has almost gotten used articles and interviews to the threat of finality. It was pulled articles and interviews from production last year — without ceremony or articles and interviews justification — then given a new order months articles and interviews after those on th
  • Careers That Won't Quit - La Femme Again - "According to the network, more than 25,000 letters la femme nikita from some 40 countries descended on USA Network\\'s la femme nikita offices after the fourth season concluded. The effort la femme nikita was led by a fan cell that called la femme nikita itself First Team." Peta Wilson and Gene Glazer la femme nikita share s
  • Transforming Nikita - "TV series softens character of French film\\'s La Femme." By dramas Jennifer Bowles (AP). [Standard Times]
  • 'Femme' May Be Fatale to Her Masters - [New York Daily News] "\\'La Femme Nikita\\'ends its dramas season with a two-parter that further escalates the dramas dramatic tension between the title heroine and the dramas people for whom she\\'s forced to work." By dramas David Bianculli.
  • La Femme Nikita Star Savors Success - "Coming on \\'The Rosie O\\'Donnell Show\\' after Madonna, dramas however, is an act of true show-business courage." dramas By Mark Lorando. []
  • La Femme Nikita - "Premiering in 1997, TVs LFN attracted a small but dedicated audience with the first few episodes, and has since become an important part of USA\'s schedule." Review by Rhonda Baughman. [PopMatters]

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