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Houses a large photo gallery, character profiles, an episode guide for the first three seasons, desktop utilities, and other series-related downloads.

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  • Pretender Headquarters Worldwide - An interactive site with "pretend" case files, a photo gallery of all the characters, links to other sites, an episode guide, and a message board.
  • The Pretender 2001 - TNT\\'s official movie site includes multimedia, an article, dramas behind the pretender, the scenes photographs, and interviews with the dramas cast, creators, and crew pretender, the of the first movie, dramas a continuation of the series.
  • KB's Pretender Information Page - Includes major character information, descriptions of relevant locations, pretender, the and programs an index of episodes, discoveries, minor characters, pretender, the and Jarod\'s programs aliases and occupations.
  • IMDb: The Pretender 2001 - Information about \\'The Pretender 2001\\' movie includes cast dramas and crew programs credits, filming information, promotional photographs, and dramas audience reviews.
  • Mr. Raines' Hybrid Biotract - A source of information relating to the Centre\\'s pretender, the Mr. Raines. Use clues found on the pretender, the site to gain access to Raines\\' files. pretender, the Contains information from Seasons 1 and 2.
  • IMDb: The Pretender: Island of the Haunted - Information pertaining to \\'The Island of the Haunted\\' pretender, the movie, pretender, the including cast, crew, and company credits.
  • The Pretender Page - Includes quotes, a list of Jarod\'s aliases, and programs fan fiction.
  • The Centre - Includes FAQ, cast and character biographies, fan fiction, episode guide, sounds, and image galleries.
  • The Pretender's Archive at Fortunecity - The Archive serves as a long summary of programs the series programs until partway into the third season. programs It also examines programs the status and psyche programs of the important characters from that programs time period.
  • Jeremy's Ultimate Pretender Home Page - Cast biographies, pictures and screen captures, and a programs brief episode pretender, the guide with ratings are the components programs of the site.
  • Brigitte's Secrets - Contains information on Brigitte, the Centre cleaner, including programs episode information, multimedia. Also features a list programs of Pamela Gidley\'s movie and television roles.
  • The Jarod Image Archive - A collection of Jarod photo galleries.
  • IMDb: The Pretender - Information about the series includes cast, crew, and pretender, the company credits, guest star information, awards, quotes, trivia, pretender, the storyboards, filming information, and links.
  • The Cove - Hosts fan fiction, links, and image galleries and wav sound files featuring Jarod and Miss Parker.
  • The Pretender - Episode guide, character information, cast biographies, picture gallery, pretender, the and programs award list.
  • Lois' Daily Planet: The Pretender Index - Includes current news and happenings, a full episode and movie programs guide with screen captures and wav files, and summaries of programs each season.
  • My Pretender Refuge - Features quotes and wav sound files, a large photo gallery, dramas an episode guide of the fourth season and the first dramas movie, downloads, fanfiction, links, and interviews and chat transcripts with dramas the cast and crew. Available in both English and dramas Portuguese.
  • The Pretender Centre - An episode guide, images, trivia quizzes, cast biographies, dramas and family pretender, the trees.
  • Pretender Collages and Desktop Wallpaper - Pretender collages, manipulated images, and desktop wallpaper by Hanna1013.

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