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The television series "Angel," a spinoff of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," entered its second season on the WB in September 2000. "Angel" is a Mutant Enemy, Inc., David Greenwalt Productions and Kuzui/Sandollar production in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television.

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  • From the Mind of a Pixie - Various fan fiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Visitors can contribute work.
  • Angel Fan Fiction Resources - Resource for writers and readers of Angel fan angel fiction. Includes horror on-line workshop, FAQs, Mary Sue Litmus angel test, beta reader index horror and links.
  • Stranger Things - Cordelia/Angel fiction, arranged by author. Includes submission information.
  • The Psyche Arc - Alternate universe stories based on the show.
  • Sweet Delusions - Fan fiction dedicated to the character, Doyle, from fan fiction the fan fiction WB television series "Angel," particularly romantic fan fan fiction fiction involving fan fiction Doyle and the BtVS/Angel character of fan fiction Cordelia Chase.
  • All For You - A C/A Fiction Site - C/A fiction site updated frequently with new stories.
  • Kim's Angel Fanfic - Fan fiction based on the show. Also includes fan fiction cast angel photos and links.
  • The Last Time I Saw You - An Angel and Darla writing resource site featuring essays, beta readers, fanfiction, and links.
  • The Midnight in LA Series - A series based on Angel, Wesley and Cordelia. horror There will fan fiction be nine parts along with 3 horror interludes and an epilogue.
  • Angel's Journal - Original fan fiction by Evan Como. Stories are set between fan fiction a series episode guide. Also the official home to fan fan fiction fiction by Wiseblood and Wiseblood\\'s Surf Report, featuring news. Site fan fiction also features a small archive of guest authors.
  • Doyle Investigations - Fan fiction involving the character of Doyle in the alternate universe of The Wish/Dopplegangland
  • An Alternative Angel - Features alternative episodes from season 2 onwards, music, season 1 episode summaries, and character profiles
  • Doyle - Glenn Quinn - Includes fan fiction about Doyle (from the "Buffy angel The Vampire fan fiction Slayer" spin-off "Angel") by Tara O\\'Shea, angel fan fiction challenges, and fan fiction the answers to those angel challenges by multiple authors. Includes links fan fiction to print angel fanzines, and on-line fan

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