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British version of the fly-on-the-wall show that has been a hit across Europe is the highlight of Channel 4's spring schedule. (BBC News)

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  • Big Brother starts watching - Ten volunteers have been sealed off from the outside world as the Dutch TV sensation comes to the UK.(BBC News)
  • Geldof's Big Brother battle - Producers of the international TV hit stole the big brother idea big brother from a company part-owned by musician Bob big brother Geldof, a big brother Dutch court hears. (BBC News)
  • Channel 4's £70,000 Big Brother search - The British version of a controversial series which reality-based monitors its big brother volunteers\\' every move 24 hours a reality-based day will offer the big brother winner a £70,000 prize. reality-based (BBC News)
  • Watching Big Brother - Interactive TV show that pushes the voyeuristic docu-soap big brother format to its limits is proving a massive big brother hit in The Netherlands. (BBC News)
  • Are we turning into Peeping Toms? - What does the launch of an interactive TV reality-based and Internet reality-based experiment on both sides of Atlantic reality-based say about modern society? reality-based (BBC News)
  • Big Brother unleashed by Channel 4 - Channel 4 unveils its controversial new series that will watch articles and interviews 10 strangers living together in a house 24 hours a articles and interviews day. (BBC News)
  • Big Brother hits the US - European TV sensation makes its debut on US big brother TV articles and interviews - two weeks before UK viewers get big brother their own articles and interviews version of the show. (BBC News)
  • Big Brother comes to Channel 4 - British version of the fly-on-the-wall show that has reality-based been a hit across Europe is the highlight reality-based of Channel 4\'s spring schedule. (BBC News)

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