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This area is for sites dedicated to a couple or couples on General Hospital. Sites in this directory may be for a past, current, or potential future pairings.

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  • The Boxcar - Message board, fan fiction, images, and spoilers for relationships fans of general hospital General Hospital's Lucky and Elizabeth.
  • Luke and Laura: The UnRevised version - Includes sounds, videos, photos, interviews, articles, a message characters board and a chat room.
  • A Modern Fairytale - Dedicated to Nikolas and Emily. Includes videos, transcripts, fan fiction, pictures, and messageboards.
  • Romance Without Bounds - Features Nik and Gia angels, song dedications, photographs, characters and keeperships.
  • Robin and Jason's Homepage - Contains fan fiction, trivia, links and screen captures.
  • Penthouse Four - Dedicated to Sonny and Carly Corinthos. Includes slideshows, characters fan fiction, relationships and tape trading.
  • The Crush: A Maxie & Lucky Site - Features Maxie and Lucky and their family history.
  • The No Name - Features General Hospital super couple, Brenda and Sonny.
  • Lizabeth - Lucky and Elizabeth site. Includes transcripts and pictures.
  • The Nikolas and Gia Lovers Page - Includes a variety of information about Nikolas and Gia.
  • Lucky and Gia Online - Includes images, transcripts, song lyrics, message board, fan art, fan general hospital fiction, and character and actor profiles.
  • Save Liz and Lucky - Fan page promoting a letter writing campaign in relationships hopes of general hospital changing storylines.
  • Liz's Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans Scrapbook - Devoted to the actors who portrayed Steve and relationships Kayla on relationships "Days of Our Lives" and Stefan relationships and Katherine on "General relationships Hospital". Although no relationships longer updated, this site contains relevant relationships links, photos, relationships articles and biographies.
  • Soap Opera Box - Pictures and fan fiction related to Jax and relationships "V."
  • Simply Sonny and Alexis.Net - Includes media, messageboards, and fan fiction.
  • Laura and Scotty - Variety of image galleries, mostly screen captures.

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